SCARM Video Tutorials – Part 3 – Create a Sidetrack with Turnouts / Switches

This is the third tutorial movie of a series of videos about working with SCARM, created and narrated by Ruud Boer.

You can switch to full-screen mode by clicking on bottom right icon in the embedded player.

Once again, thanks to Ruud, for creating and sharing the SCARM video tutorial series :)

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4 thoughts on “SCARM Video Tutorials – Part 3 – Create a Sidetrack with Turnouts / Switches

  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of getting into model railway layouts and will be looking at DCC and with SCARM kit will help me set out a a large layout and help me with my costs but as I am no electrician I am a little confused with points and short circuits will SCAM help me in this ?
    Yours truly
    Keith Williams

  2. Hello Keith,
    SCARM is not able to make electrical check of the planned layout nor to advice how the points should be powered, but most experienced model train hobbyists will be happy to help you, if you ask for that in some of the model railway forums in the web.

  3. I’m trying to use SCARM to create a N Gauge layout drawing using the PECO-N-80 track templates and I finding that it is impossible to create a turnout leading to two parallel tracks. The turnout I have used is SL-395. I am unable to then use a predefined curve that will result in a parallel track to the straight through one. Am I missing something here Can you advise how I can dot it please? If it is not then I will need to look else where for software that will.

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