SCARM Video Tutorials – Part 9 – Create a Ramp (Slope)

This is the tutorial movie #9 of a series of videos about working with SCARM, created and narrated by Ruud Boer.

Please note that Ruud by mistake numbered this tutorial as #7 in the narration and the clip title, but it is actually #9 in the series. Note also that he is talking in meters about the height levels, as he is using a specially designed custom library where 10mm in SCARM are equal to 1m in EEP simulation software.

You can switch to full-screen mode by clicking on bottom right icon in the embedded player.

Once again, thanks to Ruud, for creating these SCARM video tutorial series :)

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12 thoughts on “SCARM Video Tutorials – Part 9 – Create a Ramp (Slope)

  1. Great videos, very easy to understand.

    I am retired from Amadeus (data center in Erding, Germany). I love my time working in Germany, France and UK.

    Thanks again for the great info on SCARM.

    Regards, Dennis

  2. Is there a way to convert a layout configured in one track to another?
    Marklin to Atlas?

  3. Denis

    the video 9 does not exist i saw video 7 not video 9

  4. I want to thank all of the very intelligent and resource people who created this amazing software. This is a true example of the state of the world now. I am 85 and I “grew up” with horribly complicated and expensive CAD. Kudos to you all and thank you.

  5. Too bad turnouts cannot be sloped. Or can thay? Didnt found a way to it yet. Had to revert to another software, because I have turnouts in my ramps. Would love to see that feature in SCARM.

  6. My eyesight is not that crash hot and I was unable to see what track section was made for tutorial 9? I have looked at the Atlas and Marklin but cannot seem to find a match.

    Sorry for the silly question but it is hard for me to see in the video.



  7. Hello Darren,

    Ruud is using a custom-made library for that tutorial, but you can use any straight and curved pieces from any SCARM library if you want to reproduce the actions in the tutorial.

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