Useful Stuff In Various SCARM Libraries

There are many useful items already included in various SCARM libraries as preset objects, which you may start placing on your track plan right now. Read this article and see what exists and where to look for it (valid for SCARM v. 0.9.22).

1. Platforms

UK-style platforms and ramps can be found in Hornby-OO and Hornby-OO-D3 libraries. They are suitable in HO and OO scale layouts only. Look for the platform parts at the bottom of track lists of each lib. You can attach the platform parts one after another (just like straight tracks) and to create one long station platform. These objects are true items produced by Hornby and can be ordered and purchased from their dealers.

2. Level crossings

UK-style level crossings can be found in Hornby-OO and Peco-N-80 libraries. The railroad crossing in Hornby-OO lib is a double line and can be customized with old-style gates or modern barriers. It is suitable for HO and OO scales. Look for R636 part number in the lib track list. The railway crossing in Peco-N-80 lib consists of straight track and attach­able ramps. This allows it to be used on single, double and so on lines in N scale layouts. Look for the three parts at the bottom of the lib. These objects are true items produced by Hornby and Peco and can be ordered and purchased from their dealers.

3. Railway signals

Railway signals for several countries in different styles can be found in the object libraries of SCARM. You can just select appropriate signal library and then drag-and-drop desired semaphore or light signal from the selection panel to the plot. Most of them are generic – they have no part numbers and are scale independent. The program will automatically re-scale them when placed, according to the scale of the last used track library.

To see more about how to work with railway signals in SCARM, read the topic How to place railway signals in the FAQ section of the manual.

4. Buffers / Bumpers

Many libraries contains buffers / bumpers as track ends, but only several have them as complete 3D objects. These libraries and parts are as follows:

Library name Scale Item name Part number
Fleischmann HO Profi H0 6116 6116
Hornby OO Dublo (3-rail) 00 Buf 3450
LGB G G 10320 10320
Märklin HO C track H0 24977, 24978 24977, 24978
Tillig TT Standard (BTTB) TT 6730 6730

These tracks and objects are true items, produced by respective trackwork manufacturers and can be ordered and purchased from their dealers.

5. Turntables / Transfer tables

Many libraries in various scales contains turntables or transfer tables, depending of the product line by the appropriate track manufacturer. Look for the turntables / transfer tables in the bottom of each library. You will also find the corresponding access/transition tracks (if any) for the turntable / transfer table below it in the tracks list.

Some trackwork producers may have more than one library in the same scale in SCARM. If you are unable to find particular turntable in a given library, check also the other libraries in the same scale for this manufacturer. The turntable should be located in the library in which the producer listed it in its catalogs.

The turntables and transfer tables are always a true items, manufactured by respective track producers and can be ordered and purchased from their dealers.

6. Scenery

Currently there are only two scenery object libraries in SCARM for Trees and Lamps in different kinds and sizes. Select the needed scenery library from “Objects” submenu in libraries list and then drag-and-drop desired object from the selection panel to the plot. All of these objects are generic – they have no part numbers and are scale independent. The program will automatically re-scale them when placed, according to the scale of the last used track library.

Many other cool items and objects can be created in SCARM by use of the Figures, such as buildings, roads, containers, loads and so on. You can make your own stuff or see what others are already created in the Tutorials & Examples section here in the blog.

If you place some of these objects on the drawing plot and they do not appear in 2D mode, check the Accessories setting in “Tools” > “Settings” > “2D View” > “Tracks” and place a check mark in Accessories field if such is missing.

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8 thoughts on “Useful Stuff In Various SCARM Libraries

  1. Hi Milen,
    I am having great fun building a layout in SCARM after having tried AnyRail 6.
    I find the SCARM 3D shows a lot more than Anyrail which only shows the track and rough landscape with its heights.
    I am using Peco OO Fixed track with a couple of flexityracks to make things fit in a couplme of places and I found the straight single R645 and double R636 level crossing in Hornby but can’t find the curved level crossing which I need it three places as well as the two single and two double straights which I found.
    Anyrail 6 has them all in Peco as follows :-
    ST-264 (straight)
    ST266 (R1)
    ST-269 (R2)
    ST-263 (R3)
    ST-267 (R4)
    Please could you advise me if these could be made available so that I can finish my layout and start using the Train Simulator to test it.
    I have alteady made a diagram and will late try the wiring.
    I have found some amazing 3D images on the layouts on your site, though I am learning how to adjust them with tweaks to go with my layout (I am no expert in CAD software!)
    I prefer your software having tried both Hornby and Anyrail and the only thing missing is the curved crossings, though a decent footbridge would be nice.
    Once finished I would be happy to add it to your web site for others to appreciate.
    Then my next step will be to find a bungalow at a reasonable rent with a spare room so that I can start building the real one!
    My present flat is so small it is more like a Kennel for dogs!
    Best Regards
    Iain Tait

  2. Hello Iain,
    I will check these missing tracks and will try to add them for the next update of SCARM.
    Until that, you can replace them with regular tracks in order to be able to play with the simulator.

  3. Hi Milen,
    I copied a Z scale bridge track piece from one of the track plan database layouts and it has an accessory setting in the properties to change the style of the bridge. This is very cool, but the track length is 110mm and many Z bridges are 220mm. I couldn’t find a 220mm version or what library this track came from?

  4. Milen, hello and good day, I was wondering if in the future SCARM would help with wiring. Maybe where to install feeders and where I am really lost is power requirements. Boosters / Amps.
    Great program thanks.
    Doug Buchanan
    Take care and have a good one

  5. I am using SCARM 1.9.2. Is it possible for users to create libraries of parts, buildings, etc? If yes, how do we add a user library to our SCARM layouts?

  6. Hello Clifton,
    Currently, there is no way for adding of user-created items in a library and placing it in the libraries list of the program. However, one or more user-created items can be stored in dedicated SCARM project files and then they can be copied and pasted in any other project or track plan. That is how most user-created buildings and structures which are shared here in the blog can be downloaded and used in user’s SCARM projects.

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