35 Years Anniversary FREMO Meeting in Riesa, Germany

The 35 years anniversary of the FREMO initiative in Europe was celebrated with one of the largest modular meetings which took place in Riesa, Germany, from 29 September to 2 October 2016.

The event hosted layouts in the following scales and modular standards:

TT (TT, 1:120)
H0-RE (H0, 1:87)
H0-USA (H0, 1:87)
americaN (N, 1:160)
H0e (H0, 1:87)
I (I, 1:32)
H0fine (H0, 1:87)
0 (0, 1:45)
H0n3-USA (H0, 1:87)
N-RE (N, 1:160)
00/4mm (00, 1:76)
FREMO87 (H0, 1:87)
H0m (H0, 1:87)
0m (0, 1:45)

The meeting was carried out by more than 600 participants. All layouts were assembled in one large hall on more than 6000 m2 (64580 ft2). Below is the drawing of the complete track plan:

And here is a gallery with several pictures from the event, published in railwaypassion.com forum by Ivaylo Klimentov, who is a member in Railway Model Club Bulgaria.

All 170 pictures can be seen in the Flickr gallery from the link below.

Layouts of modules with variable configurations are not yet supported in SCARM, but such events like that modular meeting may trigger the process for developing of new extension, especially dedicated for planning and setup of modular layouts in the program.

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