All SCARM Model Layouts and Track Plans in One Place

Many SCARM users ask me from time to time about online website dedicated especially for SCARM layouts and track plans where all projects can be easy viewed and down­loaded for free use.

So I decided to create such site and to upload in it all SCARM projects that I have been collected during the time. And here is it:

SCARM – Model Train Layouts & Track Plans

Most of the content here is created by SCARM users and sent to me by SCARM e-mail. Some of the layouts are already presented here in the blog, but there are some new and more will come soon. At the moment, I am editing and uploading all stuff, but in the near future I plan to add support for user registrations, so everybody to be able to create an account and to upload projects in the site.

The new site’s Main page view

You can browse the projects in the site or to search and filter the plans by several criteria, such as “scale”, “size”, “trackage” and so on. Every project has its own page, where it is presented with more pictures, described with many parameters and sometimes explained by me or by its author. All (or almost all) published layouts will have corresponding SCARM files ready to be downloaded from the links at bottom in the layout’s page. There is also an option for each project to be rated with rating stars from 1 to 5. This is available without registration, but is limited by only one vote per project from a visitor in order to make ratings relevant and correct.

The site is also optimized for smartphones and tables, so you can browse it almost any­where and anytime. However, some pictures may not look very detailed on small phone screens, but in overall you can get a good impression even from 320×480 sized cell phones.

At the moment, there is no option for commenting below the layouts, but such feature may appear in the future. The site is now in beta state and needs to be used for some period in real environ­ment to see how it performs, is it easy and useful, etc. So please, try it and comment here what do you think about it.

And if you have some cool SCARM layout or track plan that you want to share with others, just send your .scarm project file to me :)

Featured site
SCARM – Model Train Layouts & Track Plans

34 thoughts on “All SCARM Model Layouts and Track Plans in One Place

  1. I don’t see anyplace to upload scarm project files, or even a link for an email address to send it to??
    am i missing the ‘contact me” link somehow??

  2. Where do I find instructions on how to use this?
    How do I change units from metric to non metric?

  3. Hello Milen
    I found your brilliant software by chance and I am currently learning the software.
    A question for you………….can Google SKETCH-UP models be inserted into Scarm? or maybe even Autodesk INVENTOR models? I currently work with INVENTOR, AUTOCAD and SKETCH-UP and can model quite easily with this software. Just a thought.
    Kind regards

  4. hi how do i download these plans ?
    cant see an option to :/
    many thanks :)

  5. Hello Morgan,

    If you like some plan, click over its title or picture to open the plan’s page. Then search for Download section on the bottom of the page – the first item in the section is File – click on the link there to download the plan as SCARM file.

  6. I have a few hours playing with this program. So far I like it. The one thing it can’t seem to do is let me make “my layout” (no track on it yet) drawing.
    I hope it can/will let me draw my layout or I have just wasted time.

  7. How can I get a non-video tutorial of how to create buildings in HO. It does not show up in the documentation blog of SCARM?

  8. Do you know if anyone has made your Ultra Small 4′ x 2′ N-scale Track Plan #2 in Kato unitrack?

  9. Hello David,

    No, I have no info about this plan as published with Kato tracks, but you can try that yourself in SCARM or ask somebody in some N scale forum, who is familiar with Kato tracks to help you and/or make it for you.

  10. Thanx for the prompt reply — I think I’ll have a go at it with SCARM myself — I’m just getting started with model railroading after leaving stained glass and that layout looks just the thing for me. I’ll let you know my progress.

  11. Morgan asked about downloading SCRAM files and Milen responded. But for every page I’ve looked at I see:

    File: n/a

    Are there any projects with a file link?

  12. I have same problem. File n/a. I have tried with Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Only the old Internet Explorer works. Must be using activex or some old code to generate the fancy START buttons. Not good as IE is the worst browser and not supported last I checked.

  13. Most of the layouts have a “n/a” where it says “File.” Are they all like that?

  14. Hello Christopher,
    Almost all projects have corresponding files for download. If you don’s see a file link, probably something is blocking part of the content on the site. If you have AdBlock installed, whitelist in it. If that does not help, try with another browser.

  15. Cannot seem to find a way of creating a large hole in the middle of the baseboard?
    Working with a 5,000 x 2400 triangular board with a 3500 x 1200 triangular operators cut out (hole) consecutively within.

  16. Hi, My name is Guy Clericy, I need help, I am setting up a layout for HO, my end table is 37 inches wide which is fine for one track, I would love to set another track inside the original track, what width of the table should I have to accomplish this by respecting the space between tracks? Sorry for my stupid question but I am lost here.

    Thank you for your help


  17. Hello Guy,
    There are many track manufacturers with different tracks and geometries in HO scale, so I am unable to answer your question. Just draw your double line in SCARM and then use “View” > “Show size and area” menu command in order to see what space you will need for it.

  18. how do i upload files i have saved on my account on home computer to my same account on my laptop? as i have noticed that they dont follow your account

  19. Hi, is there any way to load my own switch design into the library?
    For example an equal turnout switch in g gauge. I need to use one but it’s not anywhere in the library.

    Many thanks

  20. Is there a command to force loop ends together when the joining pieces are a few mm apart? I tried the CTL grab function but it just moves a single rail piece.

  21. Hello Michael,
    In general, if you make a circle of same curves or if you make a symmetric oval, the last track will always make automatic join and there is no need for a command or manual moving.
    However, if you make more complex design and there is a small gap between the last tracks, the join will occur only within the default tolerances (2mm and 2deg). You can increase these from Tools > Settings > Edit > Tolerances fields and that will allow automatic join for a wider gaps.

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