Everything About The Transition to SCARM 1.0 Milestone

Some of you probably already know, that I released the SCARM v. 1.0 Milestone version in the end of July 2017. Many users were happy to get the new version, but some were not, because there are changes in the licensing model and not all were aware of that.

I am writing this post in order to try answering of all questions about the transition to the new version and to clarify the new way that I am taking with the development of SCARM for those who do not follow the posts in my blog.

March 2017

Half an year ago, in the beginning of March 2017, I stated that SCARM 0.9.35 (RC1) will be one of the last beta versions of the program in the post SCARM v. 0.9.35 Released. At this time, I was already not sure if I will be able to continue to develop and share SCARM for free. The truth is that I was believing that more model train fans will support my work and will either donate or buy licenses for the Model Trains Simulator – Power Edition. But I was wrong.

July 2017

In the months from March to July, after I saw that there was no increase in the donations (1-2 per month) and that just a few people are willing to pay for the MTS PE, I decided that SCARM should be turned into partially commercial project. So, in the beginning of July 2017, I announced the upcoming change in the post SCARM Approaches v.1.0 Milestone and explained why I need to do that.

In the end of July, I was ready with the first complete production release of SCARM and it was officially published. All details about it are described in the corresponding blog post SCARM v. 1.0 Milestone Released.

August 2017

The releasing of SCARM 1.0 Milestone edition makes the previous beta versions of the program obsolete, so I announced the Phasing Out of The Old Beta Versions of SCARM. The old 0.9.x versions will stop working at some time (not all together) or will become unusable for creating of new layouts and I do not intend to prolong their lifecycle. But don’t worry, your project files are not lost at all. You can always open, review and print all layouts, created in the old beta versions using the new SCARM v.1.0 and that does not require pur­chas­ing of license key. However, if your track plan contains more than 100 tracks and/or objects in it and you wish to continue to edit and save it, you will need to get a license key for the new version. If you already donated or bought license for MTS PE, see how to obtain a free SCARM License Key below.

Now and the future

I am very thankful to all of you, who are using my software and especially to these, who helped me with information, catalogs, ideas, tests, corrections, translations and thoughts about my work. A special thanks to all, who shared their track plans and custom virtual objects designed in SCARM with all other users and fans of the program. And one more big THANK YOU to all, who have made donations to the SCARM project or have already purchased license for MTS Power Edition.

For all those, who already donated to SCARM project, bought MTS PE licenses and/or contributed with content and translations to the development of the program before the releasing of v. 1.0.0, I am offering free or discounted license keys for the new version as follows:

• All Model Trains Simulator – Power Edition users are receiving FREE License Key for SCARM v.1.0 Milestone edition. The license keys are already uploaded and activated in your accounts.

• All users who donated to SCARM project will receive FREE License Key for SCARM v.1.0 Milestone edition. Just send me a letter by e-mail to and state the account (Paypal e-mail) from which you made the donation.

• All users who contributed to SCARM either with track systems info or major translations of the user interface and the documentation, will get a promo code for discount in order to purchase License Key for SCARM v.1.0 Milestone edition on a reduced price. Just send me a letter by e-mail to and remind me when and how did you contributed to SCARM and I will then issue your promo code.

I assume, that some of you may be not happy or even frustrated that I am turning SCARM into partially commercial project, but that is the only way for me to continue to develop the program and to ensure the quality of the product and its support. I was working over the SCARM project and sharing it for free in the past 7 years and even now, it continues to be free for small and simple projects. But if you want to design bigger and/or complex layout with SCARM, please, support my work and pay the license fee – it is no more than the cost of one or two real turnouts in your preferred track system.

Milen Peev
Author and sole developer of SCARM

Get SCARM from
Official SCARM Download Location

Buy SCARM license key from
SCARM Webshop

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54 thoughts on “Everything About The Transition to SCARM 1.0 Milestone

  1. I have been working with SCARM for over a year now and am very impressed with all that it is able to do. I would have paid for a license sooner if I had known about it. I will happily pay now. Thanks for all your very talented work. Phil

  2. Hi Milen,
    Your program is realy fun to work with. I have som old MINITRIX tracks that i planed to sell Before i found SCARM. I now keep most of it for a comming Project.
    Thanks for your inspiration!
    If you want i can send you a bunch of Projects i made just because SCARM is fun to work with.
    I have an old catalog from MINITRIX from 1970 :
    I have made almost every trackplan there.

  3. I found it refreshing to work with a software developer that was willing to accept comments, request testing assistance and add track libraries that other layout software does have.
    Other software expected one to purchase it, even while they are still under development.
    Thank you, Milen for creating a wonderful tool for model railroading at a very reasonable price.

  4. Hola, yo estaba usando SCARM recientemente. Lo encontré buscando una herramienta para diseñar mi maqueta H0. La verdad es que me defiendo con la herramienta pero no me ha dado tiempo a conocer y usar todo su potencial. Independientemente de esto me parece que es una gran herramienta y que ira mejorando y ahora más rápido si dispone de más recursos. Decirte que me parece un gran trabajo y que merece la pena apoyarte. Como he comentado, yo estoy empezando y desconozco el uso que le voy a dar pero aún así voy a comprar la licencia para ayudarte en este proyecto apasionante. Gracias y un fuerte abrazo desde MADRID ESPAÑA. Vicente Vidal

  5. Hello Milen,
    using your great track planning software tool for quite some time, I have nearly completed now a nice and very detailed 6,8 sqm Märklin HO K-track layout plan including base construction, landscape, signals, lamps, buildings and roads. I am also ready to share my layout plan here for inspiration of other SCARM users.
    Before I buy a license key for the 1.0 version, I would like to know, if this version offers the possibility to not only print the tracks with their center line but also lines right and left of the track for cutting the track support from wood. I need that because I would like to cut the wooden track support elements directly from the 1:1 print-out.
    Thanks and greetings,

  6. Hello Wolfram,

    There are no changes in the tracks drawing procedure in this version. However, there are many ways to achieve what you want even now. Press “T” key one or more times to adjust the way tracks are drawn in 2D. You can select between center-lines, rails and outlines (along sleepers). Also you can use “B” key to see the roadbed mask, which is wider. And finally, you can set all tracks to be on a bridge mode while printing – that is even wider and will allow you to cut the wooden track bed.

  7. Hello Milen,
    thanks for your feedback. The bridge mode option is a great idea, indeed, for what I would like to achieve. I will try that one.

  8. Hi Milen, I know what it is like to develop for free and receive only a few donations per month – if at all – from the people that enjoy the software. In my case I stopped altogether as I could no longer afford to make time for it. So I’ll be happy to support you. Just one major question: the beta allowed editing the libs in notepad which I needed to do to make the LGB tracks fit together as they do in the real LGB track system. Will you support this again in the future? As a reference I encountered problems with the R2 radius and the crossings for which I created my custom objects. Unfortunately I now need to copy paste them from old beta projects since my customized library is not loaded anymore.. :-(

  9. Hello Matt,
    The licensed version of SCARM can load the libraries in the old text format.
    If you think that something in the default LGB library may be wrong. let me know and I will check that.

  10. Hi Milen,

    In order to make parallel tracks work conform the LGB track system I had to change the R2 radius to 760.8
    The “Tcrossrail” K-30 doesn’t fit either as it should in the LGB system. I changed the angle to 28.5 degrees to make it connect to adjacent rails but it must be the last part placed, or it will cause other problems.
    I didn’t work with R3 etc.

  11. Is this license key good for current version or for a few years and need to be purchased again? of is it a lifetime key? Love what you have done and will be purchasing a key soon.

  12. Hello Ron,

    The license key is usable for the current and all future 1.x.x versions of SCARM. It will not expire.

    However, if and when version 2.0 becomes available, a new key may be needed for it. You will be able to upgrade your old key on a reduced price (if you wish) or you may continue to use the key with versions 1.x.x.

  13. Hi Milen
    I have been using SCARM almost from the first and it is a very good program, many thanks to you. I have re-designed many times and will send the final that I will put to board. I do have a problem with the new license I purchased ($39.99)
    in that when I go to the simulator it still comes up as STARTER VERSION.

  14. I have a pretty big layout I planned in the old free version of Scarm which no longer works. I like the program, and have no problem purchasing a copy so I can continue to work on this layout. One question.. I like being able to use the engine on the train simulator to run around the layout and check for disconnected tracks, but I don’t really need any of the bells and whistles of the full Power Version of the program as I don’t need to run full trains, or multiple trains. Is there a free version of the train simulator utility that I can run on the new commercial SCARM software without needing to purchase the Power version of the simulator? If so, it may be nice at some point just to put the single engine and a couple of cars version right in the commercial version of SCARM


  15. I will be sending you the upgrade
    fee via Pay Pal.
    Thanks for the explanation.

  16. Will SCARM work on an IMac? I have an old Dell windows running XP, but the computer is very slow.

  17. Hello Sam,
    I am still not able to get satisfying results with a SCARM version working on a Mac platform. It is possible such version to appear, but I am unable to tell when it will become available. If you have Parallels or other similar cross-platform emulation software, it is also an option for using SCARM on Mac. The other solution is Wine, but the compatibility there is limited.

  18. I would like to be able to add wiring to diagrams & track insulators to a SCARM diagram. I know for the moment that it is not supported.

    There is one way I thought of doing it as a work around. That would be to define 2 layers, one for wiring and the other for insulators. For wires I could simply draw straight line segments, if possible with curved corners, for the insulators I could draw small arrows pointing to the correct side of the track.

    The problem is that I can’t figure out how to draw simply connected line segments, with or without rounded corners, nor how to draw arrows.

    Can you help ? I you would have any other suggestions to the above, I would appreciate it.



  19. Hello Richard,

    The only way to draw something like wires in SCARM is to use the figures. You can use narrow and long rectangles for each wire (and probably you will need several for each wire in order to represent its horizontal and vertical segments) or you can use polygons drawn in shapes like wires.

    Here I have one example project where everything is drawn with the figures:


    The schematic inside looks like this:

    How to work with the figures is explained here: http://www.scarm.info/index.php?page=help&topic=28

    Example arrows drawn with Polygon figures are shown here: http://www.scarm.info/blog/tips-and-tricks/placing-direction-arrows-on-the-track-plan/

    How to place insulated track joiners in the plan is shown here: http://www.scarm.info/blog/tips-and-tricks/placing-insulated-rail-joiners-in-scarm-track-plan/

    Hope that helps.

  20. Please I have a problem.
    I need house SCARM on a dedicated computer with XP but this machine don’t have a possibility to connect by Internet.
    May I download from a Mac in a key and then transfer the program in the old computer?
    best regards

  21. I tried to buy a license on the Ester Special and I can´t buy it. It rejects my IP, how can I by the licence?

  22. Did I read part of this correctly and if I bought the model train simulator it comes with a key for the SCARM layout design tool as well? Just wondering as I like the idea of the simulator and being able to plan operations to alleviate some bugs prior to running them. And I had your free version but did not know that I could donate. I am not complaining about purchasing it, I just did not realize we could do so prior. I probably missed something in the explanations as I was trying several different track planning programs at the time but liked SCARM best. Will I be able to transfer my other premade plans from the older version to this one? And Is there an ability to use my own radius, say for flex track, as I plan on a radius of about 12 to 13 inches, probably12.5. the ability I an hoping for is one that has the circle or half or maybe 1/4 circumference that I can place then edit back to fit the area needed? Much like the curved track segments already installed that are sold by different manufacturers that you use already. Will be purchasing as soon as I read your response and know which way to go. Great Product!

  23. Hello D Price,
    If you bought your MTS Power Edition extension prior to release of SCARM 1.0.0, you will find your free SCARM License Key in your account.
    If you bought your MTS Power Edition extension after release of SCARM 1.0.0 or if you buy it now, you will need to purchase SCARM License Key separately.
    Current version of SCARM can open and read all project files, created with the previous versions of the program and you can specify your own radius for all flex tracks.

  24. Thanks. That clears up the question on the MTS. And I was playing around with the Flex track tool and figured out how to use it as it is on the free download. SCARM is a great product and tool. I will be purchasing it by the end of the month!

  25. Hello Milen,

    Since my initial installation problems I have been using SCARM often, quite successfully. It is a powerful program!
    However, today I have received an error message: “access denied”. Several restart and other attempts to rectify the situation did not help.
    Then I discovered that version 1.01 is available, and thought my problem might be resolved by downloading the new release. Did not find any possiblity on your website, however, to do this. What do you suggest?

    Many thanks, happy weekend,
    and best regards,

  26. How do I find my product Key, I purchased it already and reloaded it on my computer, but cant find my Product key!

  27. Mileen: wonderful program. In some of the older programs you were able to add in the price of Track sections, I would love to see this again also in your mth Libriaes I do not see the accessories that were listed in the older version like the mthz-4000 transformer and some operating accessories. Where can I find these librarys to install them into the program. Thank you in advance for your help.

  28. Hello Bobbie,
    Perhaps you are confusing SCARM with some other track planning software. There were no options for entering of the prices for tracks and accessories as there is no Inventory feature available in SCARM. However, I am working over this and such features may appear in some of the next versions of the program.

  29. I buyed recently Scarm licences but now i dont find the library HORNBY / Rivarossi HO 100 of the old Scarm version year 2016: how i can do?

  30. Can I simulate Turnouts I plan to build myself?

    It would help if I could add it to a custom Library.

    It will be very simple for a traction (trolley/tram) layout consisting only of fixed radii and straights. I am considered overlaying one (flex?) track over another but haven’t tried it yet and would not be happy with an unterminated end. Can two tracks be joined to the same end of a third?

    Thank You, Bert

  31. Hello Bert,

    SCARM does not contain a function for custom tracks and turnouts, but you can still simulate them with flexes. There is no way two or more tracks to be joined to another (single) track, but for your purposes that should not be a problem.
    The only issue may appear if you try to use the MTS with these turnouts as only one route will work and there will be no way for trowing to the other route.

  32. Scarm Software look so good to easier and How I get free software, I am from Sydney Australia. I don’t have any paypal or credit card at the moment. I had a problem with KATO HO network is complex confusion.

  33. Hello Vincenzo,

    Unfortunately, if you haven’t PayPal or credid/debit card then you cannot purchase a license for SCARM software, but you can continue to use the free version as long as you wish.

  34. Will this work on OS Linux Mint 19.3?
    Or windows 10 only?

  35. Buongiorno sig. Peev, mi diverto moltissimo con il suo software e sono in attesa dei suoi eventuali sviluppi che Lei riterrà opportuno apportare al programma, una domanda , al momento sono aggiornato con l’ultima versione oppure mi sono perso qualcosa? Grazie per la risposta.

  36. Hello,

    Is the license fee an annual fee or an lifetime fee.



  37. Hello Hans,
    The SCARM License Key for versions 1.x.x is one-time purchase. However, when a new major version 2.0.0 gets released, you will have the choice to continue to use the last 1.x.x version or to upgrade for some additional reduced fee.

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