Improvements in SCARM Website

In the middle of June 2017, several parts in SCARM website were upgraded for increased security and better user experience.

1. SSL certificate

The first improvement increases the security in two areas of the site by adding of SSL server certificate and implementing of the encrypted HTTPS protocol for communication between the server and user’s browsers. These areas are the Registered Users Area and the SCARM Webshop. To check the new improved security level of these areas, always look in the browser’s address bar for ‘https://’ protocol in the beginning of the web address and/or for a green padlock before the address. If these signs are not present, you should manually edit the address to start with ‘https://’ and press Enter to reload the current page.

2. Alternative payment option in SCARM Webshop

The second improvement is related to the payment method in the SCARM Webshop. Until recently, the only payment option for buying of commercial extensions for SCARM was Paypal. Now, there is one more option for paying – by direct use of credit / debit card and without need for registration in a third party system. This new option is Paddle – a British company for reselling of software, based in London. If you don’t have a Paypal account or don’t want to use it when purchasing SCARM extensions, just select the green “Pay now” button for Paddle and pay with your credid / debit card as a last step in the purchasing process.

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2 thoughts on “Improvements in SCARM Website

  1. Mixy
    Will Paddle payment be able to allow change of currency amount to say GBP or Euro rather than USD, as I have £ & € accounts.
    Thanks Rob

  2. This can be changed in your SCARM account settings. The SCARM Webshop supports pricing in USD, EUR or GBP. To see the prices in the webshop in one of these currencies, login into your SCARM account, go to “Profile” page (by use of the link in the top right corner of the window) and change the currency (remember to press the “Set” button in order to confirm the change).

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