SCARM and Windows 10

On 29 July 2015, Microsoft officially released the new Windows 10 operating system. Here, I will publish all information concerning SCARM and Windows 10 and will update the post according to the news and comments from SCARM users.

In general, there should be no change in the way of which SCARM runs on Windows 10, compared to the previous versions of the operating system. But if you observe any issues and the program was installed on a previous OS version, upgraded to Windows 10, uninstall SCARM and re-install the latest version found on

In case you have a problem with SCARM on a clean install of Windows 10, post a comment below with description of the issue and explain how SCARM installs and/or runs on your Windows 10 PC.

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17 thoughts on “SCARM and Windows 10

  1. Hi Milen

    Saw a mention of SCARM on the latest N Gauge Society Journal, so I have just installed SCARM 0.9.30.a on Windows 10 – very pleased with it – previously I have use XTrkCAD for several years; so still earning what you can do in SCARM.

    No problems – seems to work fine in Windows 10.

  2. Have you explored the possibility of exporting Scarm to Android?

  3. Been SCARM on WIN 10 for over 9 months now and have had now problems. Keep up the great work.

  4. I’ve been using SCARM for several years on windows 7 and more recently on windows 10 without issue, earlier this year it stopped loading, can’t get in the program at all. I’ve tried reset everything to no avail, even tried a re install but for some reason as of May this year SCARM no longer works on my system.
    Maybe Microsoft have changed something in a recent update?
    Any ideas???

  5. Hi,

    Yes it’s a triple monitor display setup, but it always has been and was never an issue before.

    It failed on an older version 0.9.x?? and I’ve since upgraded to 0.9.37 and still have the problem.
    I’ve tried compatibility modes and as administrator but still no joy.
    I can send you a screenshot if that helps but the error is vague at best “Simple computer aided railway modeler has stopped working”

  6. Hi, the installation of SCARM on my PC with Windows 10 Home edition doesn’t work. SCARM instead of starting remain with the blue of Window circle rotating until I stop the program.
    Any helps is welcome, thanks in advance.

  7. Hi, I resolved the problem starting the program as administrator.
    Thanks a lot anyway.

  8. Hi Milen,
    I have version 1.60 running on Windows 10 and while the 3D runs like lightening (really fast), the 2D view is jerky at best. I have tried turning off all that I can of the 2D view options, but the only think that has any appreciable effect is the display of track height, but even with these adjustments the performance does not approach that of using Windows 7. I have verified that I have the latest graphics drivers available from NVIDIA. Again, 3D performance is excellent, but 2D performance is severely lacking, but in Windows 10 only.

    Do you have any suggestions other than what I have tried to improve things?

    Scott J.

  9. Hello Scott,
    SCARM uses GDI interface of Windows to draw the 2D image. This was quite fast before, in the older releases of Windows, where it was hardware accelerated like 3D. By unknown reasons, Windows 10 uses software rendering for GDI routines and now it is much slower than before, because every GDI primitive is calculated and drawn by the CPU. The slowest part now are the fonts, so in order to speed-up the rendering in 2D, you can try to turn off not only the height markers, but also the track labels. See more about how to speed-up SCARM here:

  10. Milen, that would agree with what I see in Windows Task Manager regarding CPU usage. In 3D, I see that the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit of the NVIDIA graphics adapter) is being used. In 2D, two of the 8 threads of the CPU are being used whenever I move around in the 2D view. I have assigned large font number labels to the turnouts so that I can print out a schematic to affix to my layout’s control panel to help keep track of their locations. I experimented with deleting and saving the turnout labels and that really helped with the performance issue, and brought it closer to what I see when using Windows 7. In that regard, Windows 10 is a step backward. Doubtless if I had a larger layout with even more labels for things, Windows 10 would be quite glacial.

    Thanks for your enlightenment!
    Kind regards,
    Scott J.

  11. Milen, scratch that last comment…I had turned off the track height display without realizing it. Deleting the turnout labels made no discernible difference in 2D performance. Sorry for the confusion.

    Scott J.

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