SCARM v. 0.9.26 Released

The new SCARM version 0.9.26 is ready! Download it form

Remember, that SCARM is still in beta stage of development and sometimes may not work as expected. Always create archives of your layouts and save changes in a given track plan in different project files (just in case) named like “plan_1.scarm”, “plan_2.scarm”, and so on. Please report any bugs and/or unexpected error messages with a short explanation how, when and where in the program they occurs in the comments area below.

Some of the more important added/improved features and updates are listed below.

Added and improved functionality:
- New online help system
- Layers

New track libraries:
- Roco H0 Line (with roadbed)

Updated track and object libraries:
- Frateschi HO
- Symbols (for control panels)

Updated translations:
- German
- Italian
- Hungarian
- Swedish
- Brazilian Portuguese

- Fixed lost of movement with the arrow keys bug after placing/editing of text on the plot
- Various small bugfixes and corrections

If “Check for Updates” feature in older releases reports that there is no newer version of SCARM, download the installer directly from the website. The old release info file may be cached on your PC and it may need some time to expire. If the website also shows older version, press F5 key to refresh it.

This version comes with new help system, containing improved and up-to-date online documentation. It is located on the SCARM web server in Internet and is accessible as usual from “Help” > “Documentation” menu or by simple click of F1 key. All new topics (i.e. for the new features) are marked with “new” sign, while the updated information is shown with “updated” sign next to the topic item. The new online documentation will allow fast and easy updating on all languages and will provide you with the most relevant information about all new and existing functions and features in SCARM. You can check it right now from the following link: SCARM Online Help & FAQ.

This release also adds the long-awaited feature for working with layers in the 2D editor. The layers will help when designing complex layouts with many overlapping tracks and/or objects on more than one level. The Layers control panel in SCARM is shown below:

See more about the new layers feature here: How to work with layers in SCARM.

I hope that you will like the new version of SCARM. Next update is scheduled to be released in the beginning of the next year :)

If you like SCARM, share the info about it with your friends in the social network sites or post a link to in your blog or your favorite railroad forum, so more and more model train enthusiasts and fans to know about it and to use it for free.

Get SCARM from
Official SCARM Download Location

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