SCARM v. 0.9.32 Released

The new SCARM version 0.9.32 is ready! Download it form

Remember, that SCARM is still in beta stage of development and sometimes may not work as expected. Please report any bugs and/or unexpected error messages with a short explanation how, when and where in the program they occurs in the comments area below.

Some of the more important added/improved features and updates are listed below.

Added and improved functionality:
- Flip function (in Edit menu)
- Improved rotation feature for handling of tracks and objects together (note that Rotate command is moved in Edit menu)
- Reduced size of the saved files
- Optimized context menu
- Certified (code-signed) installer

New track libraries:
- Micro Engineering HOn3 Code 70
- Micro Engineering On30 Code 70
- Micro Engineering On30 Code 83
- GarGraves S stainless tracks
- GarGraves S tin plated tracks
- Scenery Unlimited S scale E-Z engine turntables
- Hornby O 2-rail (discontinued)

Updated track libraries:
- Arnold N Rapido
- Atlas HO Code 100
- Bemo H0m Code 70
- GarGraves O 3-rail Phantom tracks (tin)
- GarGraves O 3-rail Phantom tracks (stainless)
- Hornby OO
- Lionel S FasTracks
- Marklin H0 C
- Marklin Z Miniclub
- Marx O27
- Microtrains Z
- Peco HO/OO Code 75
- Peco HO/OO Code 100
- Peco O Code 124
- Tillig H0/H0m Elite
- Tillig TT with roadbed
- Almost all other libraries are updated for the new Flip feature

New translations:
Chinese (thanks to Lyi)

Updated translations:

- Fixed “Range Check Error” that may appear sometimes when opening Background image or 3D Viewer
- Fixed bug in rotation that may disorder some rectangle figures near the axes
- Rotated text keeps the angle after editing
- Various small bugfixes and corrections

If “Check for Updates” feature in older releases reports that there is no newer version of SCARM, download the installer directly from the website. The old release info file may be cached on your PC and it may need some time to expire. If the website also shows older version, press F5 key to refresh it.

This version introduces the new Flip feature which is located in Edit menu and may be useful in many cases. However, it works only for new track plans, created with the current and future versions of SCARM and may not work for tracks and layouts, created, edited and/or saved in the older versions of the program. Rotation feature is also improved and now it works for all items on the plan, including baseboard contour. Note that Rotate command is moved in Edit menu and rotation center of the selection is displayed by default. The context menu is optimized again and the footprint of the saved files is now reduced by approx. 10%-20%. Starting from this version, the installer and the program itself are digitally signed with my personal digital certificate.

If you like SCARM, share the info about it with your friends in the social network sites or post a link to in your blog or your favorite railroad forum, so more and more model train enthusiasts and fans to know about it and to use it for free.

Get SCARM from
Official SCARM Download Location

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Resolving SCARM Installation Issues

31 thoughts on “SCARM v. 0.9.32 Released

  1. Flip is fantastic and I see that it is intelligent with regards to Turnouts! Rotate is also likely to be quite handy.

    Thanks again for providing such a powerful, free, track planning software package.

  2. I just noticed this newer version which includes more S-scale tracks and a few accessories. As an S-scale modeler I am really enjoying the added S-scale items for this program. Keep up the great work and thank you!!

  3. Is there a difference between SCARM v0.9.32 and v0.9.32a? I have v0.9.32 installed, but the site shows v0.9.32a as the latest release.

  4. Bonjour
    Je viens de me (re) lancer dans le modélisme ferroviaire après 30 ans d’abandon.
    Mon échelle d’activité est le N.
    Votre logiciel est absolument remarquable !
    Deux questions :
    - Dans SCARM y a–t-il une possibilité de répertorier l’inventaire des éléments utilisés ?
    - A votre avis quelle est la marque dans laquelle je trouverai le plus de choix et qui soit aussi la plus facile à trouver dans le commerce ?
    Merci d’avance et encore Bravo.
    Gilles à Paris

  5. Hello Gilles,

    Yes, you can see the parts list from “Tools” > “Parts List” menu command.

    I don’t know which model train manufacturers are presented and are most popular in your country, but you can search in some local model trains forum and ask other hobbyists about that.

  6. Merci pour votre réponse rapide, j’ai trouvé ma liste c’est super !
    Désolé une autre question : est-il possible de représenter des bâtiments même d’une façon simple ?

  7. Hello Milen,
    It’s ok for the link, i found my answers !
    Another question (sorry) : do you think complete the Library selection with the totality of the scale N 55 for PECO ?
    Thank you

  8. I’m really sorry, I thought there was more choice in the range.
    Thank you again for your very quick answers.
    Have a good w-e.

  9. Hello Milen,
    Is it possible to complete the Library selection by the totality of the scale HO ROCO code 83 ?
    Thank you

  10. Hello Milen,
    All Roco HO code 83 products “ROCOLINE” (number product starting with 424).
    Thank you.

  11. Hello Milen,
    I don’t understand it is the use of the optional “Layers”.
    On or off with numbers 1 to 9 or not, the result is the same for me.
    Could you help me ?
    Thank you

  12. Hello Milen,
    It’s OK.
    Sorry, i had not seen the “Layers” in the help section.
    Have a good day.

  13. Hello Milen
    Is’t possible to indiquate negative height for underground track ?
    Thank you

  14. Hallo Milen,
    Nice update, I was thinking I would like to have a Flip function the other day !
    The icon and function of the Measuring Tape make using it also much easier.

    Thanks and greetings, Louis

    P.S.: Is someone still working on enhancing/completing the Faller AMS library ?

  15. Hallo Milen,

    First I want to say that SCARM is a very user friendly program.
    I use it satisfactorily for planning my Arnold Rapido N scale layout.
    But concerning the use of the Faller AMS library there are still some snags.
    I think it is a bit awkward and confusing that, when laying tracks, the connecting point is on the left side of double lane roads !
    Also it’s a pity that the double lane curved tracks, the double lane turnout and the (asymmetrical) double lane crossing lack the feature of choosing how to connect (as is customary in other rail libraries).

    The parts I mostly miss are:
    • Hairpin 180° (separate inner- and outer-lane) No.4580
    • Road narrowing 200mm No.4726
    • Double lane lane crossing (left to right and right to left) 200mm No.4728
    • Double lane single exit and entrance 100mm No.4710
    (two to three lane and three to two lane)
    • Single lane exit and entrance 45° (right exit, left entrance ) No.4558(electric)
    or No.452 (hand opp.)
    • Single lane crossing 90° asymmetrical (part of package No.4559)
    • Single straight 115mm
    • Single straight 81mm
    • Single straight 45mm
    Last three are part of package No.4553 (compensating rails).

    Furthermore (some less commonly used tracks):
    • Double lane hillside curves 50mm (convex and concave ) No.4741
    • Embarkation ramp 200mm (for roll-off roll-on to freight wagons) No. 4538

    Sorry, it’s a lot, I know. Please understand that I don’t want to criticize the program to harsh, I still think you are doing a beautiful job !

    I tried to modify the Faller AMS library myself but couldn’t figure out the complex structure (it’s more elaborate than most other libraries due to the double track), maybe you could send me an explanation, than I will try again.


  16. Hello Louis,

    Faller paths in SCARM track plan should be created using drag-and-drop from the tracks panel to the drawing surface. They are not regular tracks and cannot use default positioning and direction system as other parts in SCARM. However, they can be moved, re-positioned and rotated as other tracks.

    About missing parts – it will be very good if you have some catalog data with all dimensions listed for these in order to be able to make them correct in the library. Or if you know a link with these details, post it here and I will check it. I need to see how these parts look in order to make them also for 3D visualization in SCARM.

  17. Hello Milen,
    is it possible to use a model created by SCARM with simulation software ?

  18. Hello Gilles,
    I am working over build-in model layout simulator in SCARM. It will be ready for public release soon. Then you will be able to rum virtual trains on your SCARM track plan in either 2D or 3D viewing modes.

  19. Hello Milen,
    Great new. I look forward to testing your new software.

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