SCARM v. 0.9.34 Released

The new SCARM version 0.9.34 is ready! Download it form

Remember, that SCARM is still in beta stage of development and sometimes may not work as expected. Please report any bugs and/or unexpected error messages with a short explanation how, when and where in the program they occurs in the comments area below.

Some of the more important added/improved features and updates are listed below.

Added and improved functionality:
- New Memory page in the settings with option for reducing of the Undo steps
- The ability to work with extensions (plugins) is now revealed (read below)
- New extension: Model Trains Simulator (Starter Edition)

New track libraries:
- Atlas Z C55 (flex-track only)
- Fast tracks S Hand laid track templates
- G. Weller H0 C83
- Lima H0 NEM120 (discontinued)
- Minitrains H0e
- Rivarossi H0 (discontinued)

Updated track libraries:
- Fleischmann N Piccolo
- Kato N Unitrack
- Kuehn TT
- Peco N Finescale C55
- Triang TT A
- Weinert H0 MeinGleis C75

Updated translations:

- Fixed several bugs in Layers window and layers management
- Fixed printing initialization routine
- Various small bugfixes and improvements

If “Check for Updates” feature in older releases reports that there is no newer version of SCARM, download the installer directly from the website. The old release info file may be cached on your PC and it may need some time to expire. If the website also shows older version, press F5 key to refresh it.

This version adds one more page in the settings and finally reveals the new Extensions feature in SCARM, together with the first available extension module – the long awaited Model Trains Simulator which Starter Edition is also freeware, like SCARM.

To get and test the Model Trains Simulator, install the new version of SCARM first and then use “Extensions” > “Browse for Extensions” menu command. You must follow that way of opening the Extensions page on the SCARM web server, otherwise the download links for the simulator module will not work. Select “Model Trains Simulator – Starter Edition” from the list with available extensions to open its page on the website. Navigate to the download links in the bottom of the page and click on both components (“Basic Train Controller” and “Demo Start Set”) in order to download and install the Model Trains Simulator in SCARM. When the simulator is installed and ready, you will be able to run a train in 2D mode and even in the 3D viewer of SCARM.

All details about installation, getting started and playing with the Model Trains Simulator are described in Model Trains Simulator Online Help. More info, videos and tutorials about the simulator will be published in the next weeks.

Please note, that the simulator extension is brand new and still under active development, like SCARM itself. Some functions are not completed yet, while others may not work as expected. If you have problems with the installation and/or operation of the simulator, check for solution in the Troubleshooting section of the Online Help. If you suspect a bug or get an error message that is not described in the help, post about it in the comments area below. Corrections and updates will come with the next versions of SCARM.

If you like SCARM, share the info about it with your friends in the social network sites or post a link to in your blog or your favorite railroad forum, so more and more model train enthusiasts and fans to know about it and to use it for free.

Get SCARM from
Official SCARM Download Location

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Resolving SCARM Installation Issues

34 thoughts on “SCARM v. 0.9.34 Released

  1. A small bug was discovered in the simulator and reported by one user. It is related to OO scale and Windows XP systems only and prevents placing of rolling stock on the tracks. It will be fixed soon with minor bug-fix update in the current version of SCARM.

  2. Thanks for all your work on this. I’ve just installed the updated SCARM and MTS, and tried it on a trackplan I’ve created with an earlier version of SCARM. Works great! (I’m using Windows 7 SP1, and the HO scale Atlas track libraries)

    I’ve also left a comment on your post to the Model Railroad Hobbyist forums describing my happy experience. I’m looking forward to exploring this new package in depth.

  3. Hi. Just installed the new extension – great work!
    2 things:
    1. Have to disable AddBlock plugin in Chrome – otherwise it gives an error when downloading
    2. Under the loco there’s a red “platform” that moves with it.
    OS Win 8.1 x64 – Lenovo B50-70 Radeon R5 M230.

  4. Hi Peter,

    1. Yes, some plugins may cause problems and needs to be disabled during installation of MTS.
    2. This is the marker for the active loco when the Power is on. Can be turned off from the settings.

  5. Milen,

    I have to say to you “thaaaaaank you for your work with SCARM. You saved my life”.
    It really helped me planing my layout, even that I was only satisfied with my 21st design.
    I will send it to you asap with some photos of what it can be called, the birth of a layout and the scarm plan as well.
    I just found one bug, with the Short Crossing of peco code 100 00/H0. Maybe you can take a look at that ween you have the time.

    Nice job.
    If you ever decide to translate it to Portuguese just ask me. I wold be glad to do it.

    Pedro Lima

  6. Thank you, Pedro,

    Please, drop me a line on SCARM e-mail about the problem with the Peco crossing and I will check it. Also, I will be happy to see pics of your layout construction and the SCARM track plan as well.

  7. Milen, thank you for the update. Is it possible to list the updates in a particularly track lib? I did open the Fleischmann-N-P.lib and in the section of cross arrow rails under manual is a two line rule which isn’t readable like all other in the lib. Can you translate that for me?
    Can you explain the extension in code of the TRailContainers of item 9184 and 9185? .
    What does IR tracknumber tracknumber means in every item and what does it do?
    Toolbox still not opens with “Flex-tracks modeling”, in my view most used item from the toolbox. May be an option for settings?

  8. Hello Joop,

    Since my track libraries were stolen for another software project without my permission, I decided to stop sharing my own library format and to gradually change the parameters in the library files. Sorry, but I cannot give any details on your questions about the libs.

  9. Milen,
    Sorry to hear that, nevertheless you can give info what has changed. I want to know if plans drawn with a previous version do alter because something has changed in the lib-file. Of course its your decision, but I doubt if someone can write a program like Scarm really has troubles with that. I see it the other way, one uniform format, so designs like buildings can used also in other programs. The thing I favor over all other programs is just that open lib format. You can make your own, but you did already know that because I did send you some libs for citycars and the Busch feldbahn which is fortunately added to the program. Anyway , thanks for your answer, hopefully you can answer the above question if we have to worry over an updated lib with respect to plans drawn with older versions of your program.

  10. Don’t worry about the current libs – they will continue to work. Future versions will be backward compatible with the older track plans, however, new and updated libraries may become unusable in the older versions of SCARM.

  11. Thank you for adding the fast track libraries for S – Would it be possible to include the WYES too? This would be a big help, and Fast Track has about the only WYES available in S.

    I appreciate everything, as this program is a lot of fun just playing around trying different ideas.

  12. OK, let me know what are the part numbers of these turnouts and I will check them. If I am able to get the dimensions and geometry details, I will add them for the next version of SCARM.

  13. I have the template details which I can email to you. That will save you a bit of time – the part numbers of interest are:


    If you send me an email kb0fhp @ I can email the templates in return email.

    Thank you again for the program – it is a lot of fun, and very useful.


  14. Hello Milen,
    How are you ?
    Is’t possible to add a new track library : PECO HO C75.
    With tracks :SL100F/SL102F/SLE180/SLE186/SLE187/SLE188/SLE189/SLE190/

  15. Hello Milen,
    Is’t possible to complete Library TILLIG-HO-ELITE by :
    Double splip 85391 276 mm / 15°

  16. Hello there!
    Long time no see…

    I have a couple of improvement suggestions regarding the tracks panel.

    I’ve barely touched SCARM for quite a while since my Märklin M project has been on hold… But now I bought me some N scale stuff instead and wanted to try a few layouts.
    And so I got reminded of a couple of minor issues I had forgotten about. I updated to the latest version but the issues remain, hence my suggestions below:

    1. Some kind of highlight of the currently selected piece. (An arrow, a frame, a 3D button shape around it, another color, something…) Because there doesn’t seem to be such a thing now?

    2. The ability to choose a different number of columns, instead of a single row you have to scroll through.

  17. Thanks for the great work you on SCARM.

    Two questions.
    1: Why can’t download any layout from the Scarm Layouts & Track Plans?

    2: Any estimate in fixing the 3D problem with some video boards?
    My is one of them.

  18. Hello Pedro,

    1. Probably because you have an AdBlock-er installed. Whitelist website in it and try again.

    2. There are no issues with current videocards and those from the last 5-6 years. If you have a problem with the 3D Viewer, it could be because some wrong setting in the registry or bad video driver.

  19. Mr. Peev as per your subjection I clean my registry I remove and re-install Scarm and still 3D won’t work. I get a blank screen.
    I’ve an Intel HD Graphic car with the later drivers version in a dy laptop running windows 10. I’m not a computer save so if you could give me some hint of what could I do, I’ll be grateful.

  20. SCARM is tested with Intel HD Graphics on several PCs and works fine in 3D. I have no idea where could be the problem. If you have multi-monitor system, there is a known issue when SCARM works on the secondary displays. Try to reset the video driver’s setting to defaults and/or change some of them to see if something will help. Change the 3D anti-aliasing options, check OpenGL Tripple Buffering setting (if your driver has such option) and check also the display color depth (it should be 32bpp).

  21. Thank anyway my friend hoo point me to Scarm fix it.
    Now when I try to download the “Basic Train Controller” or the “Demo Start Set”
    it report an error “Error. Bad or missing required parameter”
    Any solution? and I being trying to became a member to donate but it sais that subscription is close .
    when will it open?

  22. Hello Milen!

    Just came across your great Modeller and first of all I want to thank you for this wonderful gift to the rail enthusiasts`community.

    Now, I was trying to figure out, how to use flexible track for spiros, where the curvature changes continuously with its curve length. My guess is, this function is not implemented yet.

    Therefore, I considered solving the issue by manually calculating the positions of the spiro`s end points and joining these with two linear curves and a straight section in the middle for the offset.

    Yet, the result does not resemble a spiro in any way and is only helpful for planing purposes. Do you consider the implementation of spiros in the near future, or have I maybe missed any helpful feature?

  23. Ok thanks, it`s good to see this project is growing so fast!

  24. > 1) That is already implemented – there is a 3D frame over the currently selected (hovered) track.

    I think I need to explain better… or maybe understand better! :)
    If I hit the space bar, I automatically get another track piece added at the red arrow. Currently there’s no way to see what piece I will get (AFAIK), I have to remember what I used last time (and which connection point).
    Therefore I would like some indication of what track is pre-selected in NON mouse-over situations, preferably with the currently selected connection point indicated too.

    > 2) That is something that I need to consider for the future updates :)

    Please do. With the widescreen monitors of today it would be nice to have the option to view the tracks in 2-3, maybe 4 rows instead of having to scroll through them, especially for track sets with many different pieces.
    An option to show extended info would also be nice, instead of relying on “tooltips” for length, radius etc.
    Perhaps also a “Favorites” track list where you can add or at least highlight your most common pieces? In the case of a separate favorites list, these would then be listed before the normal full list.
    Or you could combine the two variants by having a favorites list AND also show the favorited pieces with a colored frame or something in the full track list.
    There would “of course” be one favorites list for each track set, right? :)

    I don’t know if others would like these improvements, but I think it would be appreciated. You could always do a poll on the website or something… :P
    But I think these would be good, useful features that improve the overview and speeds up track making.
    Fewer situations where you have to guess what will happen, fewer situations where you have to scroll through a long list to find that piece… “Oh, it was in the other end! *sigh*”

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