SCARM v. 1.2.0 Released

The new SCARM version 1.2.0 is ready! Download it form

The most important added and/or improved features and updates are listed below.

Added and improved features:
- New options for counting of the tracks and objects in the Parts list*
- Ability to work with tram track systems
- Improved texturing capabilities of the 3D rendering engine
- Improved saving and restoring of the backup project files

New track libraries:
- Heyn II Code 322
- LUNA H0 Tram tracks
- LUNA H0 Tram track system (pavement)
- LUNA H0 Tram track system (asphalt)
- LUNA H0m/TT Narrow gauge tram tracks
- LUNA H0m/TT Narrow gauge tram track system (pavement)
- LUNA H0m/TT Narrow gauge tram track system (asphalt)
- Kato N Unitram system
- Peco SM-32 Code 200
- Roco 0m Fama/Utz/Alpinline narrow gauge tracks

New object libraries:
- Containers (not included in the installation package, requires download)

Updated track libraries:
- Atlas HO C83
- Fleischmann H0 Modell
- Life-Like HO PowerLoc (steel)
- Tillig H0 Elite
- Tillig TT Modell
- Weinert H0 Mein Gleis

Updated translations:

- Fixed AV error message in MTS that may appear when loading of saved session with missing vehicles in the locally installed rolling stock libraries
- Various small bugfixes and improvements

* Features available only in the licensed version

If “Check for Updates” feature in older releases reports that there is no newer version of SCARM, download the installer directly from the website. The old release info file may be cached on your PC and it may need some time to expire. If the website also shows older version, press F5 key to refresh it.

This version adds new options for counting of the tracks and objects in the Parts List (in the licensed edition only), improves several other features and finally presents the long awaited ability to work with tram-track systems. There are several new and updated track libraries, including the tram tracks from LUNA and Kato and also a new object library with several 3D-textured shipping containers (not included in the installation package).

New options for the Parts List

Staring from this version, the Parts List will be able to count not only all parts in the project, but also the parts in the visible layers as well as the parts only in the active (currently selected) layer. To get the required parts count, go to “Tools” > “Parts List” and select the desired option from the sub-menu:

You can also toggle the “Group by layers” option in the sub-menu in order to see each layer and its contents in separate table in the list. If you want to count the parts in the same way each time, you may setup your preferred mode in the “Parts List” page of the settings and get the parts list with a single click as before.

Working with tram tracks

This version brings the ability for working with tram tracks in the program and adds several new libraries with trackage from LUNA and Kato in HO, HOm and N scales. See below one sample tram layout, build with LUNA HO Asphalt tracks in SCARM:

Note that you can add the required asphalt/pavement surfaces alongside the regular LUNA turnouts by use of the figures (rectangles and polygons) in the program, colored in the appropriate color and with height property set to 7.125mm (for HO scale) or 6mm (for HOm scale).

The new Containers library

This version adds support for storing of textured objects directly in the project files. The first library with textured objects is the new Containers library. It has several different colored 40ft shipping containers:

Like the road signs added in the previous version of SCARM, the containers can be stacked one over another. To make a stack of containers, place the first container in the plan, then select it. Now, each next click over a container button from the selection panel will add it on the top of the stack. Here is one example of several stacks of containers:

Note that this library is not part of the installation package due to the size of the textures in the file. You can download and install it separately from the library info page (see the links below) and access it from the Objects sub-menu of the libraries list in SCARM.

Notice for the users of old 1.x.x versions prior to v. 1.2.0

Please, upgrade your previous 1.x.x versions of SCARM with the latest v. 1.2.0 in order to get all new features and to apply the last bugfixes. The old unregistered versions prior to v. 1.2.0 will be discontinued and no longer supported.

Get SCARM from
Official SCARM Download Location

Buy SCARM license key from
SCARM Webshop
(if you already have SCARM License Key, this update is free for you)

Get Containers library from
Containers library info page

See also
Resolving SCARM Installation Issues

32 thoughts on “SCARM v. 1.2.0 Released

  1. upgraded my freeware version to the licensed version last year, I queried whether the licence key could be used on a second (backup) computer. You said that was not possible but was under consideration (other users were raising the same point). As far as I can see, there has been no change to this restriction. It is becoming more awkward as I wish to use a laptop to take the plans into my railway room, but the freeware license cannot be used with my large plan!
    Can you let me know if there is going to be a change to allow registered users to put the software on a second computer, or alternatively for the freeware version to be capable of ‘read only’ viewing of larger plans produced on a licensed copy on another computer?

  2. Hello Chris,
    There is no change in the licensing model, but I am curious why you cannot use the free version to viewing the plans created in the commercial version? There are no any restrictions about that.
    In fact, you should be able to open, review, see in 3D, print, view parts list, export 2D images, export 3D snapshots and everything else (except placing more than 100 tracks and saving larger projects) in the freeware version on any track plan, no matter if it is created in the free or paid versions of SCARM.

  3. Milen is quite right – I use my desktop to design with and then have a trial version on a table which goes in the loft. However I am about to upgrade the loft machine to a 23 inch all in one and I’d like to move my license to that machine so is that possible?

  4. Hi from downunder, Milen,

    Just want to say thanks for SCARM, it’s awesome. A year ago I started with no knowledge of the program and drew up a tri-level layout. Never having used design software of any sort, it took me a year to refine the design and become fully proficient with SCARM.

    In the past month, I’ve begun building the layout and it looks amazing.

    There is one issue I faced, which may or may not be solved simply: how do I lay turnouts on an incline? That’s the one trick I’ve not yet mastered.
    Looking forward to your reply.


    Aotearoa New Zealand

  5. Hello Philip,

    I am glad that you like SCARM and that it is helping you with design of your layout. Unfortunately, there is still no way to place complex tracks on incline, but I will work to solve that in some of the next updates of the program.

  6. I am Keith Bartlett and your licence ref for my house pc is 6164931501816708.
    I have spent a long time planning my layout which I am building in my Garage. I attach BMP and plan.
    I understand that I will need to buy another licence for this (a Laptop ) to use in the garage BUT if I do buy the extra Licence :-
    1,Can I transfer all my work from the pc to the Laptop (and vice versa)?
    2,Do you link Licences together so they can `Talk` and `Recognise` each other ,or would I transfer the plan by e-mail or USB.
    The layout is `part` of the Severn Valley Railway where I used to live.
    Many Thanks

    Keith Bartlett

  7. Hello Keith,

    1. Yes, you will be able to transfer all SCARM projects between the two licensed PCs.

    2. No, the licenses are not linked. You will need to copy the SCARM project files from the current PC to the laptop either with the help of USB memory stick or in another way (e-mail attachment, Dropbox, Google Disk, etc.).

  8. Mileen, Love the latest version. So happy you’ve provided the Kato Unittram track library, but I’m having an issue with the geometry. Are you aware of any issues? and if you are, any ETA on possible fixes? If you;re not aware, and would like an example of the issues I’m having, please let me know and I’ll gladly provide examples.

  9. I just bought a SCARM license and the train simulator pro license. Very impressive! I have designed several layouts and yesterday created my first complex building. I am very impressed with the software. Job well done!

    I have a question. How can I create an engine for use with the train simulator? I believe that I have to create a scpem file, but I can’t find any information on your website telling me what program to use to do that.

  10. Hello David,

    Currently, there is no way for users to create virtual models for the train simulator, but I will work on this and such feature may appear in some of the next versions of the program.

  11. Disappointing. In the meantime, could you pass along to whoever creates the rolling stock, that it would be nice to have some American style steam engines?

  12. Is it not possible to make a field where you can put the price of each item in, and then on the party list to see the price of the item, the total price for that item (price X number) and the total price for the party list.

  13. Hi,

    When will you be uploading the new PECO code 75 Bullhead track & points? PECO only have left and right points at the moment but I understand that diamond crossings, double and single slips will be available later this year and curved points & medium radius points next year.

  14. Hello Damian,

    I will look for these tracks in order to check them and to see the dimensions and geometry. If I find the required info, I will add them to the next version of the program.

  15. Hello. I’ve tried contacting you thru & Facebook being totally unsuccessful over the past 3-weeks. I have changed my e-mail address to see if that might have been the issue, I keep getting bounce messages.
    I purchased a license & the simulation extension back in Sept 2017. My hard drive crashed & I’m in the process of getting it replaced. Do I have to buy new licenses? if not, how do I go about it?

  16. Hello Darin,

    You are writing to a wrong e-mail address – it is SCARM, not SCRAM. That is why I didn’t received anything from you by e-mail. As for Facebook – I don’t know why you was not able to contact there as I am almost constantly online and the page and forum there are also open for comments.

    Now on the question – no, there is no need to purchase new licenses if only HDD is replaced. Try to download and install your licenses again using “Help” > “License Activation and Installation” command in SCARM. You will need to refresh the licenses in your account, using the appropriate link next to each license. If no luck, send me your purchase Ref No and I will check your licenses in the system. To be sure that you are using the correct e-mail address, just reply to the purchase confirmation e-mail, that you received from the SCARM Webshop.

  17. Salve
    non so parlare e scrivere correttamente in inglese ma spero che mi capiate.
    Io sto usando il programma ma ho forti limiti nell’utilizzo per via della lingua. Pensate di farne una versione anche in italiano.

  18. Hi Milen,

    I’ve been using your SCARM software for a couple of years already (very nice and useful). Last Sept. I was on a short vacation in my summer house, with an old laptop. Tried to design some layout when the message popped-up about new paid version. Since I was planning to stay there another few days, I decided to go ahead and purchased your new software on-line, right away.
    After I came back, I would like to transfer that license to my desktop at home (much, much faster I7, with 24″ screen), … but I am not willing to pay another license in order to be able to use it on my desktop. Anyway, the old laptop (from 2009.) might be on it’s way out (horribly slow, albeit I did not decide to scrap it yet). How about solving this issue (to be able to use it on two different machines, or at least to transfer from one to another without the need to purchase twice)?



  19. how do I transfer a pdf or jped file into the scarm railway program? I have created my own railroad and I will like to see it on the scarm program

  20. I like the newer feature that shows 3D images according to the layers selected. This is a great addition. Thanks Mixy !

  21. Having lots of fun with SCARM!!! Question: is it possible to change the default terrain color from green to another color, such as white for a snowy, winter layout? Also, can .jpg or .bmp images be used to texture objects? It would be nice to build a wall, and then use an image of stones or bricks to texture the wall with!

  22. Hello Victor,

    Yes, you can change the terrain color by use of the advanced 3D settings, available in the registered version of SCARM.

    About textures, these are now used only for the objects, but I will work to add texturing also for any other user-created figures in SCARM.

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