SCARM v. 1.5.1 Released (Bug-fix Update)

The new SCARM version 1.5.1 is ready! Download it form

This is a bug-fix update for the previous versions of SCARM.

If you are using a previous version of the program, please, patch it with this new release of SCARM.

The updates and fixes in this version are listed below.

- Fixed EConvertError that may prevent starting of SCARM on some systems
- Resolved “This version of SCARM is out of date” message that may prevent opening of SCARM files on some systems

If “Check for Updates” feature in older releases reports that there is no newer version of SCARM, download the installer directly from the website. The old release info file may be cached on your PC and it may need some time to expire. If the website also shows older version, press F5 key to refresh it.

This update fixes a potential problems that may prevent starting of SCARM or opening of the project files on some systems due to bad date/time conversion in part of the program’s code. If you encounter such problems, please, update your version of SCARM.

Get SCARM from
Official SCARM Download Location

Buy SCARM license key from
SCARM Webshop
(if you already have SCARM License Key, this update is free for you)

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7 thoughts on “SCARM v. 1.5.1 Released (Bug-fix Update)

  1. Tried to down load the scarm update 1.5.1. Would not down load because it was running. The problem is, I can not get to the update without opening the program. What should I do?

  2. Schönes Progrqamm. Aber Berichtigungen (Tunnel) sind evtl. schwierig.

  3. Dear Milen, I’m about to buy a license to the amazing software SCARM ;) .
    Is the license an one-off purchase and will it last for good? I mean, will it be valid for any future software updates? Thank you for the great job you are doing by developing this software.

  4. Hello Filip,
    The current license key for SCARM is valid for the current version 1.5.1 and for all next 1.x.x versions of the program.
    When a new major SCARM version 2.0.0 becomes available, you will have the choice to upgrade your 1.x.x license to 2.x.x license at a reduced cost, or to stay with your 1.x.x license and to continue to use the last 1.x.x version of SCARM.

  5. I am having a problem with the track heights being on every time I open an existing file and turning on randomly when selecting multiple objects to move or delete. Is there a fix for these issues I am having?

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