SCARM v. 1.6.0 Released

The new SCARM version 1.6.0 is ready! Download it form

The most important added and/or improved features and updates are listed below.

Added and improved features:
- Improved Roofs with scale-dependent elements
- Improved 3D terrain rendering for some complex and/or very large layouts

New track libraries:
- Lionel HO Magnelock C83
- MTH Std Gauge RealTrax
- PIKO H0 A-track (with roadbed)
- PIKO H0 A-track (concrete sleepers)
- Hegob I Gauge 1 tracks
- KM1 I Gauge 1 track system
- RBS Modellbau TT Transfer tables
- Wesa 13 mm Spur 13 mm track system (discontinued)

Updated libraries:
- Atlas HO C100
- Atlas O 3-rail
- Marklin H0 C-track
- Roco H0 Line
- MTH Std Gauge Lionel tubular tracks
- Kato N Unitrack
- Kuehn TT
- Peco N C80
- Rokuhan Z

Updated translations:

- Fixed possible cyclic error messages or disturbed 2D track plan after pressing Esc key while interacting with the mouse
- Fixed possible “Integer overflow” error when visualizing some very large layouts in the 3D Viewer
- Various small bugfixes and improvements

If “Check for Updates” feature in older releases reports that there is no newer version of SCARM, download the installer directly from the website. The old release info file may be cached on your PC and it may need some time to expire. If the website also shows older version, press F5 key to refresh it.

This version comes with many new and updated track libraries, several updated languages and with some improvements in already existing features. The eaves of the roofs are now scale-dependent and are looking more realistic than before. Note that only the newly created roofs will benefit from this – the roofs on the buildings in already saved projects, created in the earlier versions of SCARM will not be affected. The terrain generator now handles very large areas and utilizes the memory resources in a better way. And there are also several minor bug-fixes that are making the user interface more stable now.

Notice for the users of old 1.x.x versions prior to v. 1.6.0

Please, upgrade your previous 1.x.x versions of SCARM to the latest v. 1.6.0 in order to get all new features and apply the last bugfixes. The old unregistered versions prior to v. 1.6.0 will be discontinued and no longer supported.

Get SCARM from
Official SCARM Download Location

Buy SCARM license key from
SCARM Webshop
(if you already have SCARM License Key, this update is free for you)

See also
Resolving SCARM Installation Issues

22 thoughts on “SCARM v. 1.6.0 Released

  1. How does the GROUP function work. I select several pieces of track but I can’t group them.

  2. Hi.
    I uI’m using win10, Firefox and SCARM (free license). I can’t see parts list.
    Some solution?

  3. Hello George,
    That usually happens when there is no default program, associated with .html files.
    The easier solution is to start another browser (i.e. Chrome) and to make it the default browser when asked. That will change the .html assotiation to it. Then you can do the same do go back to Firefox.
    The advanced solution is to manually assign the .html file extension to be opened in Firefox. You can do that from Windows or from Firefox settings.

  4. Hi there..
    I am new to this software and cannot see where to start a new topic.
    My question is, is there any way to convert an existing plan that uses 1 type of track to a different type (ie minitrix N to Kato N)?
    Thanks in advance


  5. Hi Milen,
    Do you have plans to soon add the new Atlas N #8 turnout series to the track library? I am planning some layout modifications and want to incorporate this new type of mainline turnout. I believe the Atlas numbers for the items are 2717 through 2720 for manual and remote, and the custom line version is 2755 and 2756. BTW, I am running version 1.60, and I am very happy with it.

  6. Hello Scott,

    These turnouts will be added to the Atlas N-scale library in SCARM for the next version of the program, which is expected to be published around Christmas or in the beginning of the next year.

  7. Hi, do you have plans to add de Lego compatible tracks from 4Dbricks to SCARM in the near future? They have different tracks and turnouts geometry and dimensions. Thanks in advance. Geert

  8. When I move items to layers I cannot deselect one of the layers.
    It does not seem to matter which layer. It seems random.

  9. Sorry about the previous post: I can’t get layers to work.
    I found the problem with the layers. If you select the layer name, you then can’t deselect that layer to hide it. You have to select another layer by name, then you can go back to the layer you want to deselect. I know it sounds weird, but I can’t describe it any other way unless you could actually watch me do it.

  10. Is it possible to change the work area color.
    I have just had cataracts done in both eyes and the glare of the work area is to much for my eyes. I have turned down the brightness off my monitor but it’s not enough.

  11. Could you add a field for custom price values of the individual parts?
    So you could enter their market value and get a total quote in the parts list.

  12. Hi
    I have a problem. I used SCARM many years ago ( around 2015 V 0.9.26). I designed my layout and since that time I replaced my computer just kept the files /drawings – also in printed form. Now my friend having the new SCARM wanted to open my drawings from that time. According him, he can open my files, modify them ( remove parts), but he cannot add new items or save the modified files. I lost my old SCARM so I cannot help him. What is the solution for such problems.
    Thank you!

  13. Hello Milen, wonderful software! A few questions:
    1. how do I import objects such as buildings and vehicles others have created?
    2. How can I edit baseplate points (other than painfully with the mouse) so I can get exact positions?
    3. Is there a searchable repository for SCARM layouts and objects?

    Thank you! Atle (licensed user)

  14. Hello Atle,
    1. Open the project with the structure you want to import. Select the structure and copy it in the clipboard (using Edit > Copy menu command). Open your own project and paste the clipboard (using Edit > Paste).
    2. Use the Toolbox ( – there are 3 different ways for precise creation of the baseboard
    3. You can search for structures here in the blog from the search box or using the tags, i.e. if you want to search for buildings, use “buildings” tag –

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