SCARM v. 1.9.3 Released

The new SCARM version 1.9.3 is ready! Download it form

The most important added and/or improved features and updates are listed below.

Added and improved features:
- New setting for highlighting of the last used items (buttons) from the Tracks selection panel in the current project (it is turned on by default)
- Added 300% scale option for the track labels font (for even better readability)

New track libraries:
- British Finescale N Flat bottom (concrete sleepers) C40
- DeAgostini N
- Hornby TT 1:120
- LGB G 1982-88 (discontinued)
- LGB G Plastic tracks (discontinued)
- Lone Star OOO 8mm gauge diecast tracks (discontinued)

Updated libraries:
- Atlas N C80
- British Finescale N C40
- Eishindo T 1/450
- Fleischmann N Piccolo
- Peco OO C75 Bullhead
- PIKO HO A-B (with roadbed)
- Kato HO Unitrack
- Tillig H0/H0e
- Marx O27
- Lionel O Fastrack

Updated translations:

- Fixed a bug that causes the program to hang-on when someone tries to create a 3-point polygon (triangle) with 2 overlapping corner points, resulting in line segment
- Various small bugfixes and improvements

If “Check for Updates” feature in older releases reports that there is no newer version of SCARM, download the installer directly from the website. The old release info file may be cached on your PC and it may need some time to expire. If the website also shows older version, press F5 key to refresh it.

The new version of SCARM comes with new and improved features, several new and updated libraries, updated language translations and also with some minor bugfixes.

Highlighting of the last used items

A new feature for highlight on the last used items (buttons from the selection panel) was added to this version of SCARM. It is turned on by default and will allow the users to easy see and distinguish which elements they used in the currently edited project. Once a track or object is used and placed on the drawing plot, its button will be highlighted in color, as in the example below:

You can change the highlight color from “Tools” > “Settings” > “Track panel” > “Labels” and if you don’t like that new feature, you can turn it off.

Notice for the users of old 1.x.x versions prior to v. 1.9.3

Please, upgrade your previous 1.x.x versions of SCARM to the latest v. 1.9.3 in order to get all new features and apply the last bugfixes. The old unregistered versions prior to v. 1.9.3 will be discontinued and no longer supported.

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25 thoughts on “SCARM v. 1.9.3 Released

  1. SCARM is the best CAD for railroad design that I found. Excellent program!

  2. Hello
    I have changed my license from one PC to another.
    The site indicates the switch was successful, however when i try to use the site, i get a notice saying i need to buy another license.
    Can you help?

  3. Very happy with SCARM! Been a user for several years.

    One thing I would like to see in a future update is the ability to tell SCARM how many of a certain type of track I have and count down as I use them, or have a counter showing how many I’ve placed on the layout so that I can quickly see how many pieces I’ve used. For example, if I have 3 pieces of Peco SL-E99, and I use 2 of them, it would show that I have 1 remaining. That way, I can see what pieces I have as I create (or change) the layout.

  4. Also on my wish list… An easy way to make 2 parallel curved tracks with different radii.

  5. Hello Chad,
    What you want in your first comment is an inventory feature. This is already in my To-do list and will appear in some of the future releases of SCARM.
    About the second wish – that can be already done using Flex-tracks modelling feature in the Toolbox, however I will consider that too for complex routes (made from several flexes with different sections).

  6. Buena Tardes, no soy capaz de encontrar una librería con edificios ferroviarios,
    Me gustaría colocar una estación, una carbonera, postes de agua, depósitos de agua, y algún que otro edificio más ¿Existe?.

    Saludos cordiales


  7. Hello. I have downloaded its program, free version, I have also bought the extension of the train simulator. I am weighing in making a modular model type “T-TRAK” or modules “N” and I do not know how you can divide the base board into multiple modules with the official approved measures. Does the paid version allow it? Thank you for your response and congratulations on the development of this software.

  8. Ik ben pas gisteren begonnen met de gratis Scarm te installeren en loop nu al vast omdat ik het aantal vrij te plaatsen rails al heb opgebruikt.
    Nu wil ik de betaalde versie wel kopen maar wil eerst graag weten of het mogelijk is om ook een bedradingsschema te maken met Scarm.
    Kan iemand mij dat vertellen.

  9. El notebook donde he instalado la clave adquirida, funcionaba bien, pero el equipo ha sido robado, sin poder desintalar la clave y no me permite actualizar la clave nuevamente en mi segundo PC, como lo hare?, gracias

  10. Hello Pedro,
    In such case, please, write to and request emergency license reset, stating the purchase Ref No of your license and I will then unlock it in 1-2 business days.
    Note: Emergency license reset can be performed only once per year.

  11. Hi, Milen

    I have sent you an email regarding the language data. Please check your mailbox.
    Best regards,

    T.Toda Japan

  12. Hi Milen,
    Since the last upgrade of Window 11, i have troubles opening scarm.
    Windows shows the message “program does not respond”.
    I tried uninstalling v.1.9.3, and installing previous versions but occurs the same.
    It’s a licensed version.
    best regards

  13. Try installing microsoft run time modules for 2013 it has solved many of my Windows 11 issues they are no longer installed when upgrading. TO the best of my knowledge there are no negatives on trying this (Other that it uses some resorces) as many olders games will also need these.
    Milen there is a good chance on your machine these are already installed so it will work fine for you.
    Note I have three machines all running 11 and they work fine with SCRAM
    Also note I also have 2017 run time installed which was required for a few other programs.

  14. Hello again Francisco,
    I checked SCARM 1.9.3 on my Windows 11 test laptop with all Windows updates installed and there were no any problems – SCARM starts and runs just fine.
    So, I suppose that there is a local problem on your PC, however, I am not sure what. What I recommend is a full fresh install. To do that, please, uninstall SCARM from the Control panel and then restart the PC – that should clear the prefetch cache in case the problem is in it. Then download a fresh copy of SCARM from and install it. Run it without license just to test it – if it starts, then re-install your license.
    If the problem persists, write to me by e-mail at and I will try to help with other advice.

  15. Hi Milen;
    For your knowledge, scarm runs in safe mode but not in the normal one. I tried to do many things trying to solve the problem (including Jrpjim advice), but with out results. I conclude that something was wrong at windows, because “self reparation” option of windows can not be able repair the issue. Then i decide to install again windows 11 (fresh start), and guess what…. problem solved.
    Finally scarm runs as always.
    Thanks for your time and advices

  16. Hello Milen,

    I have been interested in your software program for some time. Just the other day, as a test, I decided to duplicate my Noch Cortina Z scale track layout with SCARM (using Maerklin track). I cannot get the final two pieces to line up. Angles seem slightly off. So, I tried to make just a simple oval but even though I use the same track pieces for each side they will not line up in then end. Then I tried making just a simple 180 degree track section, copy it, paste it, flip it and then try to connect to the other half. Still the same problem as the two “identical” halves will not connect correctly. I’ve watched all of your tutorials multiple times but I am no closer to solving this. If it matters, I’m using Windows 10. I am using the latest SCARM v. 1.9.3 (and I had the same problem first trying with a much older version of SCARM).

    Do you have any ideas what may be happening? Thanks, Erich

  17. Hello Erich,
    I don’t know why is this happening to you, but when a copied and pasted semi-circle does not close itself, it usually means that it is not exactly 180-degrees, either because it has curves that are not multiples to 360 degrees (i.e. using Marklin #8591 curve, which is 13 degrees) or because there are different radius/angle curves (in this case, the pasted half needs to be flipped both horizontally and vertically for a match).
    In any case, the SCARM version or Windows version has nothing to do with this – it is a geometry problem arising from some wrong placement of tracks or wrong assumptions for that. If you still cannot solve that yourself, send me a SCARM project file with problematic 180 degrees semi-circle to and I will tell you what is the solution.

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