Using SCARM on iPad and Android Tablets

Many users are asking about option for using of SCARM on tablets and mobile devices. Making of native version for such purpose is a lot of work, but if you already have SCARM on your Windows PC, there is an easy way to work with it from any place and on any mobile device with Internet connection.

The software which can do the job is called TeamViewer and is free for non-commercial use. It is intended for remote control of other devices, and in this case that will be your own PC, controlled by you. All that you need is to download and install TeamViewer on your PC where SCARM is installed and then to install the client version for remote control on your mobile device from either App Store or Google Play (depending on your model).

Run TeamViewer on your PC and see the ID and password for accessing it.

Run TeamViewer also on your tablet, enter the ID and press “Remote control”.

The app will ask for the password – type it and press OK button. If all with the setup and connection is OK, you will see the startup screen with touch interactions for mimic the various mouse click and movement combinations.

Press “Continue” and you should see the screen of your PC shown on the display of the mobile device. Start SCARM as usual and play with it on your tablet.

Making of a simple oval on 7″ Android tablet and viewing it in 3D is really easy :)

SCARM performs relatively well on a 7″ touchscreen, however, working with some of the regular and most of the advanced functions, like precise positioning of tracks or shapes with the fingers and using of shortcuts with the virtual keyboard can be difficult or even impossible, because SCARM is not yet optimized for such usage. Even tracks panel scrolling can be a challenge and some operations may require using of a stylus for better accuracy. Working on a mobile phone with a smaller display can be even harder, but if you have a large 9″ or 10″ tablet and stylus, you should be able to do almost everything in SCARM that can be done on a PC by use of the menus, toolbar and the Toolbox.

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