Gum Stump & Showshoe Railroad in SCARM Model Trains Simulator

Here you can watch one nice video recorded in SCARM Model Trains Simulator of the shunting/switching operations, performed on a modified version of “Gum Stump & Showshoe R.R.” layout, created in SCARM and published in YouTube by Four Chuffs Per Revolution.

The layout was originally designed and build by Chuck Yungkurth in the late 1950′s and was popularized in Model Railroader magazine early in 1960′s, becoming immediate popular favorite with its intriguing switchback (zig-zag) track plan. Here is how looks the original Gum Stump & Showshoe design:


And here is the video, showing the operations on the slightly modified version of this famous mini-layout in SCARM siumulator:

You can switch to full-screen mode by clicking on bottom right icon in the embedded player.

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