Copy/Paste Between Two Track Plans

The information in this post is outdated/expired and is not relevant to the current release of SCARM.

The versions of SCARM prior to 0.9.18 are not able to copy/paste between two running instances. It was not possible to direct copy part of layout A from one SCARM instance and paste it in layout B in another SCARM instance. This was because the old SCARM versions relied on internal clipboard buffer instead of using global Windows clipboard.

However, you can use the following trick, if you want to copy part from layout A and paste it in layout B in older SCARM version: run single SCARM instance, open the layout A, select desired tracks and/or objects and copy them to the clipboard. Close the file (layout A), but do not close SCARM. Now open layout B in the same SCARM instance and paste the clipboard – the copied part from layout A will appear in layout B.

If you are not seeing pasted items, it is because they are probably located outside of the visible area. Try to zoom out or just select “View” > “Scale” > “Fit To Screen” command and look for red colored (selected) items in the track plan.

This is now corrected in SCARM 0.9.18. Use the trick, described above to copy/paste between different projects (files) in an old SCARM instance, if you still use older version. Remember to save the changes in the current project before switching to another.

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