How To Check The Grade of a Given Railtrack Slope

The information in this post is outdated/expired and is not relevant to the current release of SCARM.

When you create incline in the track route, SCARM shows you the grade of the slope in percents or thousands (depending on your preference in the Settings) and with green, yellow or red mark (depending how steep is the grade). When you are ready, you will probably deselect the inclined route, continuing work over another part of the layout and gradient mark will disappear.

If you want to check the grade of some sloped section on the track route, you will need to select the section and to alter one of the heights at section ends, forcing its gradient mark to appear.

Let’s start the tutorial with one sloped example section:

Heights in the example are shown in millimeters.

Now let’s select the tracks, that are forming the slope.

You can easily select the tracks with selection rectangle if they are horizontal or vertical. However, if the section consists of multiple tracks with many straights and curves at different angles or if there are other railway lines on the plot, select the first track, hold Shift key and then select each next track from the sloped section.

Here are the three selected tracks:

And here, the upper height (right end of the section at 20mm) is selected for the check:

To see the grade, alter the height with one step up and then back it one step down.

To change the selected track height, just turn the mouse wheel.
You can also alter the height up and down by using of the dedicated toolbar buttons or with ‘<' and '>‘ keys from the keyboard.

The gradient mark will appear next to selected height, as shown below:

In this example, the grade is too steep for a railroad line (5.8%) and thus its mark is shown in dark red.

Starting from version 0.9.28, you can check the grade of each track by switching the track labels to Slope mode (press “L” key several times until appearing of the slope marks).

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