Millhouse River Studio O-gauge Turntables in SCARM (Updated)

Millhouse River Studio is a producer of high quality O-scale turntables and transfer tables. If you want to use these turntables in your SCARM track plan, follow the instructions below.

The library that comes with SCARM v. 0.9.24 has a wrong diameter values of the 34″ turntables. You can replace it by download of the updated library form the links below.

To use the updated library, download the ZIP file from the links below, then unzip it and copy the .lib file into Lib folder of SCARM where all other track libraries are located.

Depending of Windows version, default installation folder for SCARM may be “C:\Program Files\SCARM” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\SCARM”.

Now run SCARM and search for “Millhouse River Studio” item in the libraries list – the new library, called “Millhouse-O-TT” should be there. It contains 6 turntables – 24″, 28″ and 34″ in 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

One real Millhouse River Studio turntable, with included detail parts installed
(the image is from the producer’s web site)

At the moment, the library does not contain a transfer table, but such may be added in the future. Test the library and post your comments below. If everything is OK, the library will be included in the next version of SCARM.

Producer’s web site

Featured library

5 thoughts on “Millhouse River Studio O-gauge Turntables in SCARM (Updated)

  1. Hello Mixy,

    Thank you for adding my turntables to your SCARM software. In the library you created the largest table we make isn’t a 32″ it is a 34″. We don’t have a 332″ in our product line other than making a custom size like that. Can you please correct the size to 34″ in your library. Also if you need any other info on dimensions. The overall hole size needed for installation of our tables is a 1/2″ larger than the turntable bridge size. (ie. a 34″ table needs a 34.5″ hole, 28″ = 28.5″ & 24″ = 24.5″ hole.) Thank you.

    Alan Zamorski
    Millhouse river studio

  2. Looking for an 0 guage turntable that will work with Lionel fast track.

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