Phasing Out of The Old Beta Versions of SCARM

With the launch of SCARM v.1.0.0 Milestone, the old beta versions of the program are becoming obsolete and will be phased out.

If you are still using SCARM v.0.9.x, please, upgrade to SCARM v.1.0.x in order to be able to continue your work.

SCARM v.1.0.x is backward compatible with SCARM v.0.9.x and can open, review and print all projects, created in the old beta versions of the program.

The free edition allows using of up to 100 tracks and/or objects and 5 layers in a project, while the commercial release adds several new features and has no limitations. The unregistered version (free edition) can open, review and print all layout files created in the previous versions, but cannot save them if they exceeds the 100 tracks / objects limit.

Important information for all users, who donated to SCARM Project
before releasing of SCARM v. 1.0.0 Milestone

Send a letter by e-mail to and state the account (Paypal e-mail) from which you made the donation and you will receive a FREE License Key for the new version of the program.

In the end of the beta-phase lifecycle, the SCARM beta versions will stop to work. If your current SCARM beta version does not start or no longer loads properly, its lifecycle is over.

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22 thoughts on “Phasing Out of The Old Beta Versions of SCARM

  1. First, thank you and nice work on SCARM over the years. I just updated to 1.0.0 and now I can no longer work with several of my projects because they exceed the new limits imposed. I can no longer alter and save my old projects? How can I get Version 0.9.37 back?

  2. You can’t. SCARM 0.9.37 is in process of phasing out.

    Currently, there is a promotion, so all users of the old beta versions can upgrade to v. 1.0.0 and get a license with 25% off the regular price. This is a time limited offer which will expire soon.

  3. Well, in fact you can get the 0.9.37 back and it installs right over your 1.0.0 upgrade. I now have 0.9.37 running again, tested, and no limitations. I would not mind paying for the program, I just don’t like the way you approached the change. We had the rug pulled from under us. After updating for seven years we simply updated as usual – but this time find the limitations and the “must purchase” clause. Rather deceitful?

  4. Sure, 0.9.37 will work for some more time. I just want to give the users a transition period where the last beta version is still working together with the 1.0 release and the users to be able to upgrade at a reduced price in that period.

  5. Many many Thanks to Mixy for making SCARM available for free for all these years. Now that SCARM has been so extensively refined and enhanced, and people have had this long to try it out for free, let’s not be surprised that Mixy is now making a nominal charge for the latest version. SCARM is a really exceptional tool for track planning purposes and I have a lot of fun just brainstorming ideas. With SCARM you can do extensive layout planning before actually building a layout, which saves lots of work in the long run and produces better results ! I find the 3-D viewing functions are especially useful for layout planning purposes.

  6. Hello Milen…

    I also appreciate the freeware, although I’ve only used it for about 4 months… how much to purchase? Be aware that I don’t use PayPal (don’t trust it & will not link it to any of my credit cards or checking acct)… can I provide a credit card # or send you a check? Thanx! -Bob W, NH, USA

  7. Hello Bob,

    The price is $39.9, but right now, the license is on promotion with 25% discount and costs $29.9. You can pay directly with your credit card in SCARM Webshop without linking it to any gateway. If you don’t like PayPal, use the Paddle option below it.

  8. Will Scarm 1.0.0 install on a thumb drive? I am the only user, but I need to move between the office, my laptop, and the train room. And I can only afford a single license.

  9. Hi again… this license will only be good on a single PC? I have the older version of scarm installed on my home PC (XP) & my work PC (Win10) as I am currently only able to print at work, but also need to be able to continue my work at home… is there no way I can maintain a valid, licensed version on both PCs, or do I have to pay 2 license fees? Also, will I be able to re-install v1.0 should I need to rebuild either PC? Sorry to trouble you w/ all this… thanx again for your help… -Bob W

  10. Understood… I do appreciate your patience… ;-) -Bob W, NH, USA

  11. Dear Milen
    I have just paid for the upgrade to Milestone 1.0.0. It installed fine but I cannot see the promised ‘extra functionality’ in respect of additional 3D viewing capability and printing 1:1 scale for example. I also found a problem with 3D viewer when I am using layers; when layers are turned off in 2D view, they still appear when switching to 3D, which is not helpful! Like the other folk, I too would want a backup version on a second PC as I often work from a laptop which I had the beta version installed on. Any chance of allowing that please?

  12. Hello Chris,

    All new visible features in SCARM 1.0.0 are listed here: SCARM v. 1.0 Milestone Released. There are also several in-code enhancements that are not directly visible in the program’s interface. Not sure what more ‘extra functionality’ do you expect, but some other features are now in progress and will be introduced with the next updates of SCARM.

    There is no problem with the layers in the 3D Viewer as these are working only in 2D mode and had never been implemented in 3D. However, I will work to do that and make layers working also in 3D mode and this option will appear in some of the next versions of the program.

    You can have as many licenses as you wish. However, for now, single license covers single PC and I have no plans to change that. If you want more info about the current licensing policy, please, write to .

  13. Hello, I’ve been using SCARM in various revisions and recently purchased Ver 1.0. I love the program. In the website there is a section entitled “Model Train Layouts & Track Plans” ( ). At the top of the page it states that you can download the plans and view them in 2D and 3D. I can not begin to figure out how to download any of the plans on any of the 15 pages. Is this broken.? If so, it is really a shame, because being able to start & modify a design from someone else’s plan would be a great time saver, it would also show you how they constructed some buildings, backdrops and even a room with the layout and a person in it, Very powerful possibilities

  14. Hello Robert,

    Please, whitelist in your AdBlock-er and try again or use a different browser to review the track plans website. There are just 4-5 layouts for which there are no SCARM project files uploaded, but all other are there and can be downloaded and reviewed in the program.

  15. Even after purchase of a license, does this mean that we will have to be connected to the internet every time we use it?

  16. I will probably be paying for the new version, but I have a question. Is there a way to save in a text readable form in the new version? Alternately, is there a way to merge 2 layouts if I have an existing text readable layout? I generally like to be able to better control locations than I have been able to easily within the program, and have a VB converter for AutoCad that allows all the drawing tools available there to control my layout.

  17. Hello John,
    The new file format is encrypted, so there is no way the projects to be saved as plain text files. However, SCARM can export the projects as EMF vector files and there are converters from EMF to DXF in order to import them in AutoCAD.

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