Updated KATO N Unitrack Library for SCARM

Here you can download the updated KATO N-scale Unitrack library for SCARM which now contains 3D objects for the bumper track end pieces. To use the updated library, download the ZIP file from the links below.

Unzip it and copy the .lib file into Lib folder of SCARM where all other track libraries are located.

Depending of your Windows version, default installation folder for SCARM may be “C:\Program Files\SCARM” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\SCARM”.

To check how the updated track bumpers are now looking, run SCARM and select “KATO-N-UT” from the libraries list. Click on B62A, B62B or B50C buttons in the track selection panel and place the desired track. Then press “3D” button to open the 3D viewer and see the objects, which should look like these below:

Note that the 3D objects will appear only on newly placed tracks. The parts in old track plans will not be affected until replaced with the new bumper tracks fro the updated library.

Updated library

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  1. Vorrei poter posizionare case e stazioni sul mio plan

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