Updated KATO N Unitrack Library for SCARM

The information in this post is outdated/expired and is not relevant to the current release of SCARM.

Here you can download the updated KATO N-scale Unitrack library for SCARM and to see how to use the new turntable and its access tracks in your SCARM layout plans. To use the updated library, download the ZIP file from the links below.

Unzip it and copy the .lib file into Lib folder of SCARM where all other track libraries are located.

Depending of your Windows version, default installation folder for SCARM may be “C:\Program Files\SCARM” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\SCARM”.

Now run SCARM and select “KATO-N-UT” from the libraries list. Scroll down the track buttons and see the new turntable and its parts at bottom of the selection panel.

The turntable can have up to 36 tracks connected (at 10 degrees) through 12 access sections each having 3 access track connection places. Note that SCARM allows you to connect any N-scale track directly to the turntable, but by design, the turntable should always have an access section with either straight fitted tracks or bumpers attached as shown below.

In the current version 0.9.24 of SCARM you will see a partial roadbed for the straight and bumper tracks in 3D viewing mode. That will be fixed in the upcoming v.0.9.25 of the program where the updated library will be included in the installation package by default.

Please, report any problems or errors in the turntable and its parts from the library in the comment section below and I will try to fix them for the upcoming release of SCARM.

Updated library

2 thoughts on “Updated KATO N Unitrack Library for SCARM

  1. Awesome work! Can’t wait to get the bridges and viaducts!

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