How to Recover a Project File After Crash or Power Failure

If you are working in SCARM and the program unexpectedly shows an error message and/or crashes without giving you ability to save your track plan, if Windows hangs on or in case of a power loss for desktop PC without UPS, there is still a chance to recover your work at the moment of the last autosave.

By default, SCARM autosaves the current project on each 15 minutes. You can change that time in the Settings or turn off that feature (not recommended). If SCARM crahses, Windows hangs on or AC current goes off, (re)start your PC and try to open your last saved SCARM project file. If the program detects the autosaved recovery file, it will prompt you to open that file, allowing you to review it, save it and continue your work.

In case that you were working on a new project, that was never saved before the crash / power loss, just start SCARM from the Start menu. If the program detects unnamed autosaved project, that file will be loaded for you.

See also
Settings > “Save” page

One thought on “How to Recover a Project File After Crash or Power Failure

  1. I wondered why I was sometimes getting extra SCARM files with “backup” in the name. I just learned it is a new feature and I can modify the settings. Thanks !

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