Problems When Working on Multi-monitor Computer Configurations

Current version of SCARM has several known issues when it is started on a system with two or more displays.

If you have 2 or more monitors and run SCARM, you may experience one or more of the following problems:

• The main window may not appear on the current monitor
• The context menus may appear at unexpected positions
• Some functions and features like flex-track “Reshape” and “Split” commands may not work correctly (or not work at all) on the secondary display(s)

These problems will be solved in some of the next versions of SCARM. As a workaround for now, always run SCARM on the main (primary) display in order to make it working correctly.

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3 thoughts on “Problems When Working on Multi-monitor Computer Configurations

  1. so I don’t really have any multi monitor problems so more importantly why use multiple monitors with SCARM? I use two monitors because I want to work with the current and earlier version of my layout ( I save each major edit as a layout version XX to do this). So I have two copies of SCARM open – one for each version then I can copy and paste objects, compare options and so on. The only minor headache is that the layer control of each running copy of SCARM can end up on the wrong monitor so all is good for me
    @deepfat loving SCARM on windows 10 x64

  2. My project does not fit quite into the main screen ,(except Zooming of course)so that i cannot distinguish well the whole track as H. size is lenght X 3 mt. wide and scaling accordingly the simulation goes off…so the second monitor becomes essential as extension of the Ist one….
    I use the printout layout for console-control-visual display offside the PC .
    I implemented a lot of other functions using SW ,if u like i suggest something interesting EXTRAS .. Just for intensive use of multi core (or Threads)

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