Resolving SCARM Installation Issues

If you experience problems and error messages during initial installation or update of SCARM or when you run the program after that, it is possible that the installer has not been downloaded correctly or some other program is running and using critical system resources in the same time when SCARM is installing or updating.

To cope with such problems, try the following:

1. Delete the browser’s cache. If you are not sure how to do this, read the tip for your browser in How to clear your browser’s cache .

2. Download SCARM installer again. Open and download the latest version of the program. Make sure that the downloading is fully completed and without errors.

3. Restart the computer. This will clear the memory, restart the services and free some critical resources that may be needed during installation of new programs.

4. Reinstall SCARM. Start the installer again and complete the installation process.

Starting from v. 0.9.32, the SCARM installer is digitally signed by Milen Peev.

If you still have issues with SCARM installation or startup, read the comments below for other solutions and then post information about your problem with description of the error message.

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134 thoughts on “Resolving SCARM Installation Issues

  1. Can this program only be downloaded on windows or is it compatible with MAC?
    Thank You!

  2. I have tried installing SCARM on a computer which is running Windows XP Professional. It is not my computer and I guess it is about 10 years old. The SCARM programme installation process aborts with a message something like “insufficient video memory”. Is there any way of re-configuring memory requests for SCARM to use less video memory ? I think a lot of the RAM in the computer concerned is weighed down with 10 years of Windows updates and patches… Things like Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Flash also (I think) over the course of 30 minutes swallow free memory and slow the computer.

  3. Sorry, after writing that previous message I realised I should have clarified that the installation occurs apparently okay, it is only when I launch the installed application that the thing aborts. A small dialog box with SISGL as its title appears in the centre of the screen. The contents of the dialog box read:

    Can´t create a New Surface.
    Out of video memory.
    This program will exit.

    I went to another computer, at a public library to see what happens there, but unfortunately somebody in the last 4 months has installed a modification which prevents library users from downloading and installing software – which is annoying because it is redundant since every time a computer there shuts down it wipes all user files and restores the computer to a clean startup state. Doh. I also tried a USB installation, same problem. Double Doh.

  4. Hello Donald,
    Based on error dialog box title, I assume that computer is equipped with SiS video card, probably SiS Mirage. There is a known issue with SiS based video cards and SCARM OpenGL 3D rendering engine. Unfortunately, there is still no solution to the problem. You can try to search for updated graphics card drivers in Internet, but there is no guarantee that these will solve the problem.

  5. Thanks, I looked through the control panel and it has some type of SIS display. I know nothing about SIS displays, this is the first I have ever heard of such things. I changed a colour parameter from 32 bit to 16 bit (hope you follow me, although I am a trained mathematician and knew a lot about computers – more even than university IT graduates – I gave up learning computers in 1992, making me a 16 bit or even 8 bit dinosaur, I started as far back as punched cards at high school in 1971, so nowadays I do not know what I am doing and work on intuition, but often successfully overcome problems, even if it takes a bit of help from people / youngsters like you).

    The upshot of all that is that now the program launches without the error message exit. It could mean that I have messed up other aspects of the computer operation and display, for other software.

    I have not gone further yet (I have not yet tried using the SCARM programme), to see what, if anything, within SCARM crashes, next.

  6. If the program is able to start and work in 2D mode, then OpenGL driver is initialized, but still may have problems on creating3D rendering context. Try to open the 3D Viewer from View menu. If it is working, than everything should be fine. If it crashes, then SCARM will probably able to work only in 2D on this computer.

  7. It works in 3D mode, but not reliably. I have only been using it for a few hours. I do not know what to expect as I am only beginning to use it and learning about it. In 3D it will start with track on a green field background. Zooming works quite slowly, with it taking a second or two to update the screen. I am not sure how the other navigation controls work (yet). After a while (I think depending on what I do with it via the keyboard and mouse) the green field will become a black field and the trackwork will disappear. It can then freeze (alternatively not freeze, but be uninformative/lose functionality/lose usefulness just the same). I can return to the other mode (tracklaying ?) which still works, but to get the 3D mode to work again it seems I need to exit SCARM and re-launch it.

  8. It seems that the graphics card of this computer is too old or memory is really insufficient. It may be even not a real standalone card, but only a chipset built-in graphics core, using software 3D rendering, which is slow. When working normally, you should be able to smooth zoom and move in 3D with the mouse or keys even on basic 3D cards and medium-sized layouts.

  9. I am enjoying myself with it. I like it (even though underneath I am a Macintosh type who finds Windows and Microsoft abominable).

  10. Regarding insufficient video memory, many computers with integrated video cards have settings in the BIOS/CMOS settings where you can change the amount of RAM dedicated to video. Perhaps it’s possible to increase that amount on the computer in question? (No idea if it will help though.. but might be worth a try?)

  11. I am happy with SCARM now, as it is, even if it is not fully operational, so I have not (yet) tried to work out how to change BIOS/CMOS settings (never done anything like that before).

    I am more focused on experimenting with “How to work with figures in SCARM”.

    It appears from what I have seen on the Piriform CCleaner window that this computer has a 2 GHz Celeron processor, 223 MB RAM, and SIS 650_740 (or something like that). It would be good if there was some way of un-updating (removing) any and all superfluous Windows code that has been progressively packed down the telephone line and into the operating system over the last 10 years. The computer uses virtual memory on the hard disk a great deal of the time, and that slows it down too (like even the keyboard becomes unresponsive during bad phases, while the hard disk thrashes away interminably).

  12. That sounds like… well… “not much RAM”.

    If it had been your computer, I would’ve recommended minimum 1-2GB of RAM. Now I can only offer my condolences…

  13. Not much RAM ?

    Back in the dinosaur age (circa 1981) common RAM came on 4KB chips, that´s 4 096 bytes, but it was also possible to pay more and get 16KB chips. I mean that I have a sense of perspective, so 223 MB does not seem small at all to me, & the problem is the operating system´s profligate use of memory.

    Two suggestions for extra features for SCARM are: 1. Buffer stops. 2. A kind of attachable pin (something users can temporarily pin onto the baseboard to locate a defined position).

    I might be using it incorrectly, but I cannot find out how to put German semaphore signal objects onto plans, instead every time the signal lands in the dead centre of the screen.

  14. 223MB is a really strange number. It could be because whole system RAM is 224MB and 1MB is shared as video RAM which is extremely small, even for a 2D video on Windows XP. I also remember the old days – the first PC 3D game that I ran was Wolfenstein 3D on 386 / 25 MHz with 4MB RAM in the beginning of 90′s :)

    About your suggestions – there are bumpers in some libraries, others will come with the next versions; I will take a note about the pins.

    You can just drag and drop Semaphore from selection panel to any position on the drawing plot. If the position or orientation is not correct, just select the object and move it or rotate it by using the commands in context menu.

  15. Well, my very first computer was a 286 8MHz with 640KB of RAM, so I’m not totally unaware of how things were…
    But since you told us it was a Windows XP machine, THEN 223MB is “not much”. :)

    Regarding the RAM size, RAM modules for an old Win XP capable computer probably aren’t smaller than 64MB each, so I’d guess it actually has 256MB of physical RAM installed (most likely 2pcs of 128MB modules), subtract 1MB for “base memory” and 32MB dedicated to the integrated graphics… = 223MB.

    There are often keyboard shortcuts to help modifying the layout to ones likings, but it took me some time to figure them out. Don’t remember if they’re all listed somewhere, I found out most of them through trial and error.

    For example, click on an object so it becomes red, release the mouse button, then hold down ctrl and then you can move the object around with the mouse.

  16. …but not the keyboard/mouse combos, like the one I mentioned. Room for improvement!
    “Documentation, the hardest part of programming”. :P

  17. When a layout is printed, the filename is printed with it. Maybe there is some way of also printing the gauge: N, OO, G, etc, and also printing a short ruler: 50cm, 100cm etc somewhere on an edge of the printout, like with/near the filename ? Or more generally, adding a “Legend”, by which I mean a rectangular box with useful information.

    I think (? not sure) I have scans of the PECO N-gauge templates for all pointwork, including the Code 55 3-way point and the Code 80 catch points, if that is any use to you I can e-mail them, if you want (because I did not find 3 way points and catch points in your current libraries).

    Something else, rather more challenging, would be a parabolic curve tool for flexible track.

    Yet another something else: I think there might be a way of joining several pieces of unbent flexible track together, then selecting them together, and bending them together to make one uniform radius curve, – I have the idea there is a demonstration of this – I have to look again, but so far on looking once or twice and trying myself I cannot duplicate the method successfully, either I am doing something wrong or there is a piece of instruction missing from the demonstration.

  18. Printing of the gauge is a good idea, but SCARM allows using of multiple scales/gauges in one project and it may become confusing. I will think more about this. You can print the grid as it is displayed on the screen. I will try to add the numbers on the page edges in order to be more easy to read and understood the drawing.

    Peco C-55 3-way: look for SL-E397F
    Peco C-80 catchpoints: look for SL-384/385

    “Parabolic” tool for flex-tracks will be added in some of the next versions of SCARM as “Easement” creation feature.

    Not quite sure that I am understanding why this is needed… I have a demo-movie of how to make a flex-curves with very large radii: (read also the info below the video window), but if you need something else, please explain.


  19. Thanks, sorry, but I misunderstood the YouTube demonstration.

    The demonstration explains how to make / duplicate and string together multiple copies of the first section of curved flexible track to make an elongated multi-piece curve.

    My misunderstanding is that I thought it was demonstrating how to string together multiple sections of straight flexible track and then bend them into a big curve as one unit. (I try to keep to approximately 125cm radius curves in N-gauge, so I would use that feature a lot if it existed, but I now realise it doesn´t exist). I think it would also make more sense – and involve less guesswork – to be able take a 3 metre straight and bend it to fit a known fixed start point and a known fixed end point, but it´s not essential, as the trial and error method works.

    Here´s a tip for other users, if not already listed by you, then you could add it somewhere: It is that when working with points, to start with the correct alignment, or avoid kinks at the point, always join the next piece of track at its point end to the point first, rather than join the next piece of track to any other piece of track at the end of the next piece of track away from the point.

  20. If you want to work with a fixed radius, it may be more easy to use Toolbox flex-shape feature. Bending of long flex-tracks (like several joined together) with the mouse leads to some side effects and unpredictable results, that will need a lot of coding do be avoided. Otherwise, I am also needing such functionality sometimes :)

  21. I found the catch points, thanks.

    I also found the 3 way Peco Code 55 assymetrical point, but under 399 rather than under 397 (which is a Y point). However, the “thumbnail” image of the 3 way point is not a 3 way point, I think it is a LH point. What I mean is, if you look for the 3 way by part number you will find it, but if you look for the 3 way by thumbnail image it is not there, instead it is hidden or disguised as a LH point. So, it´s okay, as I now know where to look, and it works. Thanks.

  22. Yes, it was SL-E399F (my mistake).

    Try the following: point your mouse to the right edge of the tracks selection panel – it will become as resizing cursor. Click and hold with left button and drag to the right to resize the panel and make it wider – this will also affect the selection buttons and will make the images bigger and clearer. See it also here:

  23. Sorry again, when I make the track selection panel wider the image of the 3 way then gets bigger and looks like a 3 way. So there’s no problem there. Thanks.

  24. My machine has a fast quad core CPU and 16gb Superfast ram, running windows 8. SCARM simply won’t install, I just get the w8 smartscreen wrong version for this PC. When I can find a copy that is not hijacked (difficult) it does the same. I have done all the suggested steps to try and get it installed, but no way!

  25. I have been running a previous version and upon installing the update I get the error below. The program seemed to have loaded fine, but when I go to open it a message says Sorry for the inconvience etc.

    AppName: scarm.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll
    ModVer: 5.1.2600.6532 Offset: 00012fd3

    I have used this program alot, it is great and I miss it.


  26. Hi when I tried to open SCARM after downloading I get the following error message:

    Exception ERangeError in module scarm.exe at 00189859. Range check error.

    I have tried clearing cache and downloading again, but no luck.

  27. Get this message during install.
    Exception ErRange Error in module Scarm.exe at 0018ebod. Range Check Error.
    Can’t get it to run !!!

  28. proc Intel(R) Core (TM) i7CPU 920@ 2.67 GHz 2.67 GHz
    RAM 8G

    Not sure prev ver but prob previous most current.

  29. It says Scarm has stopped working. Range Check Error. The error comes up so fast, it doesn’t seem like it is trying to load the program. It does NOT ask to clear and reset.

  30. Seems like it is failing during initialization, probably in OpenGL routines. Drop me an e-mail at and I will send you debug copy of scarm.exe, which may display where exactly is the problem in your PC.

  31. During operation of SCARM, the RAM resources are slowly built up, and increases over time, eventually causing the pc to virtually crash. Looking at the use of resources in Task Manager, it seems that the software is builting up to over 1Gb or resources, which surely cannot be correct. Ending the process helps, then relaunching it works fine for about 5min then just starts slowing right down. What can I do to resolve this???Thanks

  32. I am running SCARM version 0.9.28 on Windows Vista. After about 5 minutes of working with it. The program stops working and closes. Please help.


  33. Yes, a window pops up and says “Simple Computer Railway Modeller has stopped working” Then it gives you 2 options: “Check online for a solution and close the program” or “Close the program” This happens if there are tracks on the screen or if there is just a blank baseboard, but only after it runs for a minute or so. It does not close immediately after launch.

  34. That is very strange. There are no timers in SCARM and if there is a fault in the program, the error will be displayed immediately after startup. Something in your PC is stopping SCARM from working. Check your system’s settings and other running processes for suspicious behavior. Check also your antivirus software and scan for viruses.

  35. Hi I am having problems with SCARM installation on Win XP 32 PC.

    I tried several installs and used your suggestions for clearing cache and re-installing. Also temporarily disabled the anti virus, but no luck.
    Kept getting the following error as I attempted to run program:-
    Exception EAccessViolation in module scarm.exe at 00000000.
    Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000.
    Then got:-
    The instruction at “0x00402ef0″ referenced memory at “0x08d8bd4″. The memory could not be “read”.
    Entering exit gave a different value eg :
    The instruction at “0x00402ef0″ referenced memory at “0x08da4760″. The memory could not be “read”.

    Any ideas what the problem might be, I am very keen to try out the program.

  36. Hello Stan,

    This error means that something prevents SCARM to initialize correctly on startup. Could be the 3D driver or printer driver as SCARM access them prior to start. Try to restart Windows in Safe Mode and run SCARM again.

  37. Hi Milen.
    It starts fine in safe mode. But cannot get it to work in normal mode.
    I have been investigating the asus display driver and have reduced the acceleration to disable 3d operation.but still no luck.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  38. Try to change the graphics settings i.e. color depth, triple buffering in OpenGL, etc. Switch also to another default printer. Check antivirus and firewall – sometimes, the security software may limit the functionality of SCARM as it is not digitally signed.

  39. Everytime I try to download SCARM I get a message that I cannot do it unless I am logged in as a moderator . Can anyone help with this issue ?

  40. Hello Milen , that is the link I tried downloading it from , SCARM 0.9.29 multilingual . I then open it up click run , choose english and then this is the exact message that appears , “you must be logged in as an administrator when installing this program” .
    I am running Windows 7 with plenty of available space free .

  41. It does not download so I cannot get to the installation file . As soon as I click english as the language that when the error message appears . There is nothing that allows a right click .

  42. Hello Don,
    You need to download the installation file first – use Save As, not Run. After saving, use Windows Explorer and go to the folder where the installation file was downloaded and saved. Select the installation file, then right click over it and finally use “Run as Administrator” from the context menu.

  43. I have done exactly as you said but I still get the same error message .

  44. It seems like your account is somehow limited or protected (i.e. by antivirus or group policy) and cannot install SCARM. Unfortunately, I haven’t any other ideas or suggestions for resolving that issue.

  45. Mixy, I am wondering if SCARM will remember my saved “custom colors” when I update to a newer version ?
    SCARM has been working great for me, Thanks very much !

  46. Hi Milen.
    I have a very, very complex layout on version 9.29. If I upgrade to 9.30, is there any risk that the layout and objects may become corrupted or lost? Love the video of running trains! is that in 9.30 or forthcoming in the future?
    Regards, David.

  47. Hello David,

    Well, there is always a risk something to go wrong, but in general, the new version is 100% compatible with the previous and you should be able to continue on it without any problems. However, make a copy of your layout and always save changes in a new file, because SCARM is still in beta status.

    The Running Trains Simulator is not yet ready for public release, but I hope that I will be able to launch it this year :)

  48. Hi there, been trying to get this to install/run on a Windows 7 64 Bit Toshiba. Installed latyest download (0.9.30 I think, run install as admin) and that bit seems to work ok – but at startup it simply says “Simple Computer Railway Modeller has stopped working”
    Have tried restarting PC but cant get past this – any suggestions?

  49. yes I have tried the above approach, with different browsers and by “running as Admin” for install etc. Still no luck. Get the splash screen and no more :(

  50. thanks for that – get the reset dialogue box but then Application Error:
    Exception in module scarm.exe at 000E5364
    Unable to create legacy content
    EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 5DC35861 in module
    ‘aticfx32.dll’. Read of address 000000013C

  51. This is an error in the video driver of your PC showing that SCARM is unable to initialize the 3D rendering engine. Try to install the latest video driver software for your graphics card and to reset all OpenGL settings to their default values.

  52. I have two PCs – both Windows 7, 64 bit machines.

    On one machine, SCARM is running fine (in some older version).

    On the other PC, it will not start. I have tried with version 0.0.33 as well as 0.9.34.
    It showns this error:
    Context not created.
    SCARM SU code: 715.

    And when clicking “OK” and closing Windows’ suggestions, it shows this:
    Exception EAccessViolation in module ig7icd32.dll at 00130D4B.
    Access violation at address 10130D4B in module ‘ig7icd32.dll’. Read of address 00000018.

    I have tried to run as well as install as administrator. Same result.

  53. Hi Milen

    Thank you. I finally made it work thanks to your pointer to the graphics:

    My PC is a Dell XPS with Intel HD4000 graphics. I could not see anything wrong with the settings. And Windows could not find a newer driver.

    However, I uninstalled the driver and installed the newest version from Intel.

    That did not help.

    Then I went to the Dell support page and installed the newest driver I could find there, which is quite a lot older than the one from Intel.

    That helped.

    Karl Johan

  54. i am trying to download version 0.9.37 but i get a ShellExecuteEx Failed; code 2
    the system cannot find the file specified error come up

  55. 1. Are you using some virtual drives in your system, i.e. UltraISO mounted drive or similar? If so, copy the setup file to another drive (hard drive) or dismount the virtual drive and try again.

    2. Is the User Account Control (UAC) enabled? Sometimes it may fail to initialize because of corrupt registry settings.
    2A. If so, try the following: go to Control Panel->Sounds->Sounds Tab and set the scheme to “No Sounds”. Then try to run the setup again. Sometimes corrupt sound file for the default UAC beep may prevent it to launch and therefore block the installation.
    2B. Temporarily disable UAC while setup SCARM, then enable it again. You can do that from Control Panel->Action Center->Change User Account Control settings

    3. Are you using some aggressive antivirus program with enabled heuristic scanner? If so, try to turn off the antivirus while installing SCARM and then turn it on after setup complete, or make an exception rule as it is possible the heuristic scan to set false positive over the setup and to quarantine or delete its files while installing.

  56. I had similar problems installing SCARM onto a Win 7 computer with AVG Free installed.

    This is very agressive and treats SCARM as a virus, completely blocking the installer from running. In this case, temporarily disable AVG, install SCARM, then re-enable AVG and run a full scan for safety.

  57. Hi Milen
    I updated to SCARM 1.0 on a WIN10 -PC and bought the license for it.
    All worked fine but I had to refresh the PC with WIN 10.
    Now I downloaded SCARM again and try to install the key, but if I check at “Extensions” it is shown in grey as “outdated”.
    When trying to open a plan drawn with 0.93 it hangs


  58. I run Scarm via WINE under Linux Mint. Scarm has run fine until I updated to ver 1.0b. I bought the license but keep getting the error “Object Not Found” when I click the “License Activation and Installation”. I suspect it is because I run via WINE. I tried downloading and re-installation as stated in the FAQs but problem persists. I do not run a Windows machine so what do I do now? Thank you.

  59. Hello William,

    Unfortunately, SCARM License Manager is not yet able to run in Linux/Wine. I am working to make it compatible for Wine, but that will not be ready soon, at least not in the next 2-3 months. You should install SCARM in Windows, but as you do not have Windows PC, then the only solution will be to send me your purchase Ref No here or by e-mail and I will then return your money. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  60. I tried something else to see if it will work. I run Windows Vista under Virtualbox. I installed Ver 1.0 b there and copied over my files. I was able to obtain my license file and all appears to be working. Would rather be under WINE for this so let me know when you have a fix. Thanks again, Bill

  61. Hi,
    After I installed windows 10 (before 7) my licence key doens’t work anymore.
    Please help me. I have the key just one or two weeks. The firewall options doesn’t work.

    Marcel Hermans

  62. Hello Cestari,

    Your account is not yet activated.

    The account system sent you automated e-mail yesterday and I also sent you an e-mail today, but as you continue to publish in the topics in my blog, it seems that your e-mail provider or your e-mail client blocks messages from my server

    If you want to purchase SCARM license, please, allow my messages to pass your spam filters.

  63. Hi Milan,
    A few months ago I purchased a license key to install on my Win7 desktop. Now I’d like to install it on my Win10 laptop. I downloaded the SLK.scpem onto the laptop and ran it, and it installed successfully, but when running SCARM 1.3.0 (a), I get an error saying “There might be a problem with your license key”. Please advise.

  64. Hello Musketeer,
    You need first to uninstall your license from the desktop PC using “Help” > “Uninstall License(s)” menu command. Then you will be able to re-activate, download and install the key on your laptop.

  65. Hi, I have just downloaded the newest version of scarm but have a problem using it. It downloads ok but when I go to scroll down or up the track library on the left hand side I get an error message!
    ‘Bits index out of range. scarm su code: 11000′
    Once that has closed I then get another message!
    ‘Unable to replace image.
    Win32Err code: 6 – The handle is invalid
    scarm su code: 11000′
    Then if I close the program I get the following message!
    ‘Exception EBitsError in module scarm.exe. at 0001453F
    Bits index out of range’
    Please help, I’m halfway through designing a layout!!!

  66. Hello Marcus,

    The latest version 1.4.0 of SCARM was downloaded more than 10 000 times in October and there are no other reports for problems like yours.

    I suspect bad installation or some problem in Windows on your PC. Please, download the SCARM installer again and make a fresh install, after uninstalling the current installation from “Control Panel” > “Programs and Features” page. If you put your PC to sleep instead of shut-down / start-up each day, restart it after uninstalling of SCARM and then again after the fresh install.

  67. After creating the track layout, why I could not save and message appeared “Access violation at address 005E86A8 in module ‘scarm.exe’. Read of address FFFFFFFC. SCARM SU code 12000”. Please help, what should I do? Thank you.

  68. Hi, I have been running a previous version of SCARM in Windows 10 and have just attempted to download the latest version 1.4.0 from but without success. Each time I’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled the programme I get the same error: lPersistFile::Save failed; code 0×80070002.
    The system cannot find the file specified.
    What download that did succeed allowed the programme to open and operate but the save facility did not function and a desktop icon didn’t appear.
    I would appreciate your help.

  69. With your help I have successfully resolved the download issue.
    Thank you

  70. I am trying to reinstall Scarm but I can no longer log into your site. When I try to reset my password it says “ERROR – unknown e-mail address”, was my account deleted? It has been a few years since I purchased the activation.

  71. my windows 7 crashed and had to buy windows 10 machine. downloaded 1.5 onto win 10 machine and saved scarm files under win 7 cannot open because of file header error. what is that?

  72. Hi
    I have recently purchased scarm (the latest version).
    I am running Linux and can not activate the licence key.
    Do you know of a solution to resolve this please.

  73. Hello Gordon,
    To activate the license, first save the license file on your HDD. Then, start SCARM and use “File” > “Open” menu command in order to open the license file directly in the program. Note that you will need to change the filter setting in Open dialog to “All files (*.*)” otherwise you may not be able to see the license file. After opening of the license file, confirm the installation of the license and then restart SCARM.

  74. The email address thst the author has provided is not working. Yahoo mail refuses to accept this emsil address. It seems like something is missing in this email address.
    I need to contact the author as i have purchased scarm and due to my computer repair I have lost this program. Please let me know how I can get my scarm back!

  75. I received an Update Available notice when I started my SCARM software today. I downloaded the new software but when I tried to install my license (SCARM License Key (v1) [6327541553052382]) it did not work. I keep getting a line that is grayed out on the Extensions Tab the says the license is outdated. Track plans will load, but I can not save any changes because it says the plan has more that the allowed number of components. Indicating morethan the free version 50 pieces. How can I go back to the previous version which worked?

  76. Hello John,
    You are trying to use your license on a new PC (Helwett-Packard), while the license key is still installed and locked to your old PC (Dell). Please, start SCARM on the old PC and use “Help” > “Uninstall license(s)” menu command in order to uninstall and unlock the license. Then you will be able to re-activate and install the license on your new PC.

  77. I wrote last week, but did not receive a reply. I bought a copy of Scarm 1.6 from your website about a year ago. I decided to move it from my older computer to a newer laptop. I thought that I removed the older license completely from the older machine, but now I can’t get it to work on my newer one. How should I do this? What did I do wrong?

  78. Hello Peter,
    You wrote in the blog (but under another post) and I replied in the same day there.
    I checked your license in the system and found that it was successfully uninstalled on your old PC. However, the license is not installed on any new PC. Please, start SCARM and use “Help” > “License Activation and Installation” menu command in order to re-activate, download and install your license on your new PC. See the full activation instructions here:
    In case that you forgot the password for your SCARM account, please, use the link “”Forgotten password” on the login screen and follow the instructions in order to restore your password.

  79. hola, hace unos meses pagué por la clave de activación, funcionó un tiempo y ahora ha dejado de funcionar, como puedo volver a activarla? mi ingles es muy bajo. un saludo

  80. So, i had scarm downloaded on my old computer. needless to say that computer failed unexpectedly and took everything, including scarm, with it. i cant turn thaat computer on to clear the software from it anymore. is there anything i can do to get the software running on my new computer?

  81. Hello Sam,
    In you have a SCARM License Key, write to and request emergency license reset, stating the purchase Ref No of your license and I will then unlock it in 1-2 business days.
    Note: Emergency license reset can be performed only once per year.

  82. In November of last year (2021) I reinstalled SCARM on a new computer (due to a crash of my old pc) after you reset my license key. Recently I upgraded to Windows 11 and it worked fine. However yesterday it started saying “This copy of SCARM is not registered. Use at your own risk.” I tried to download the key but got the message that “This license is activated and locked on another pc.” How can I resolve the registration issue?
    Thank you for your assistance.
    John Rowe
    User’s modules
    PC #1 [rename]
    Module name [Purchase Ref. No] Type Download Status
    SCARM License Key (v1) [6327541553052382] License key SLK.scpem

  83. Hello John,
    Please, write to as the public forum here is not suitable for discuss personal or technical details. Meanwhile, I will check your license and will also reply by e-mail.

  84. Ho tentato di spostare le licenze da un PC portatile 14 pollici al nuovo desktop da 28 pollici, ma pur avendo seguito vostri consigli/regole di trasferimento una decina di volte in tutte le maniere, il sistema mi dice che Train simulator è già esistente sul l ‘altro PC
    La cosa non ha senso perchà non funziona se non sono insieme
    i miei codici :per Scarm (v1) = 6264401565435196 chiave SLC.scpem
    per estensione MTS-PE.scpem = 1144301605007691
    Potreste cortesemente attivare il tutto sul PC da cui sto inviando la mail

  85. Hello Mario,
    I am trying to help you with sending specific instructions by e-mail to you, but your e-mail provider blocks the messages from my server with the following error:

    host []
    SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
    550 smtp-25.iol.local smtp-25.iol.local IP blacklisted by return path . For remediation please use [smtp-25.iol.local; LIB_110]

    Please, resolve that in order to receive the support e-mails from

  86. Hi Milen
    Recently I have started having some issues with Model Train Simulator, Power Edition.
    Just recently, when you activate the simulator, it loads OK in 2D mode and the train can be placed on the track, but when you switch to 3D mode, there is no layout at all, the actual train model is present with the normal grid lines, but then the whole program locks up and I get ” access violation at address 005AC47A in Module Scarm.exe, Write of address 000496C6, then Scarm SU code 11000, then the entire program locks up and you have to use Task Manager to close it down.
    The program has been running great and nothing on the system has changed.
    Running Windows 10, on an Intel I7 with 16GB Ram. Graphics Card runs OpenGL fine and the card has 6gb Video memory.
    As I said it has been working fine and I dont know what has happened. Would a fresh install on the program and the train simulator help, your thought would be appreciated and if a fresh install would work, how do I do that with the keys I purchased


  87. Hi Martin,
    Sometimes, Windows Prefetch cache gets corrupted and that may lead to problems like that.
    Yes, a fresh install should be of help. Before that, be sure to completely uninstall SCARM from the Control Panel. Then, make the reinstall of the software and the licenses and try again
    If that does not help, perhaps some 3D settings or video driver were changed or updated and the new settings/driver are not compatible with SCARM. If this is the case, try to revert the video driver and reset the video settings to the defaults.

  88. My computer with the licensed software has been stolen How do I load my licensed software onto my new replacement computer as I cannot do a transfer.



  89. Hello Mike,
    In such case, write to and request emergency license reset, stating the purchase Ref No of your license and I will then unlock it in 1-2 business days.
    Note: Emergency license reset can be performed only once per year.

  90. No engineers view in the latest version of scarm model trains simulator???

  91. I have a license key and a new PC. My former one crashed and can not be restarted. I noticed in your install instructions that I have to uninstall Scarm on my former PC in order to install it on my new one. But since this is not possible anymore, i am a little bit stuck. Is there a work around to solve this problem?
    Best regards

  92. Hello Fred,
    In such case, please, write to and request emergency license reset, stating the purchase Ref No of your license and I will then unlock it in 1-2 business days.
    Note: Emergency license reset can be performed only once per year.

  93. My old PC crashed and I was unable to recover it. I have installed on a new PC but I get a message saying my code is outdated. I cannot start the old PC to recover the license

  94. Hello Graham,
    In such case, please, write to and request emergency license reset, stating the purchase Ref No of your license and I will then unlock it in 1-2 business days.
    Note: Emergency license reset can be performed only once per year.

  95. I purchased the MTS-PE a few years ago but work challenges came up so I never got around to using it. I just re-installed it and it says ‘outdated’. How do I update this extension?

  96. Milen,

    Thanks. I had to uninstall SCARM completely and then reinstall, followed by all the extensions. Now it seems to be working.

  97. Now I’ve found a new issue. None of the installed rolling stock are accessible. They appear on the pull down menu on the left side, but with a [?] at the end of each description.

    When I click ‘Rolling Stock List’ it comes back ‘The List is Empty’.

  98. Hello Steward,
    The [?] sign in a library description means that the library file cannot be read correctly due to bad download or other similar reason.
    Please, try to download and re-install all rolling stock libraries in order to fix the problem. Note that sometimes, some browser extension or other third-party software (i.e. antivirus) may alter the downloaded files and this may prevent SCARM and MTS to run properly.

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