Resolving User Account Registration, Activation and Login Issues

If you have problems with the registration and activation your SCARM user account, read the possible causes and solutions below. If there is no answer for your problem or if you cannot reach us by e-mail, post a comment below and we will reply as soon as possible.

1. I am not receiving the activation e-mail
2. The activation link does not work or is expired
3. I cannot login – there is always error saying “Wrong e-mail and/or password”

1. I am not receiving the activation e-mail

In most of the cases, the SCARM system’s automated reply with your activation link is blocked by a spam filter set either in your e-mail client or by your e-mail server/provider. So, if you don’t receive the message within 10-15 minutes, please, check also your spam or junk mailbox folders. If you find the activation message there, click on the activation link inside and then mark it as “not spam”/”not junk”.

Check also the spam settings in your e-mail client and on the server/provider – you may need to whitelist messages coming from in order to allow correct receiving of the e-mails, sent by SCARM server. After that, you can try to pass the activation procedure again, by resetting your password from the link “Forgotten password” on the login page (see below).

You should also check that you entered correctly your e-mail address in the registration form. Try to login and if you see an error “Wrong e-mail and/or password” then you probably entered your address with some mistake in it during the registration. Try again, ensuring that you are entering the correct password and if the error remains, proceed with new registration.

It is very important the activation e-mail to be received as this shows that you are accepting system’s generated messages and then you will also be able to receive the purchase confirmation e-mails and other important messages.

If you still don’t receive the messages from the SCARM account system, try registering with another e-mail address, provided by another e-mail server. So if you are using an e-mail address in i.e. Hotmail and it does not work, try to register with e-mail in i.e. Yahoo or Gmail.

2. The activation link does not work or is expired

Please, perform password reset as explained in the next topic. Successful password reset will also activate your pending SCARM account (see below).

3. I cannot login – there is always error saying “Wrong e-mail and/or password”

Check that you are entering correctly your e-mail address and password. Sometimes, if you were registered on another device (i.e. smartphone), the keyboard layout there may be different and the password will then differ too. To solve that, try to reset your password.

In order to reset your password, click on the link “Forgotten password” in the login page of SCARM Accounts System. Then enter your e-mail in the form and press the reset button. That will generate new e-mail message with password reset link in it. Use it for change your password and get access to your account.

If the above advices does not help you to resolve your problem, write a message in the comments area below and we will reply as soon as possible.

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56 thoughts on “Resolving User Account Registration, Activation and Login Issues

  1. Tried every option for getting an account activation e-mail, but it seems they are being blocked before reaching my ISP’s mail server. You will need to resolve that issue if you are going to make any sales!

  2. Hello Dave,

    I already have more than 1100 registered users and the activation e-mails are sent correctly from my side. Unfortunately, if the messages to you are blocked outside of my network, I am unable to help you. I can manually activate an account, but you will still not be able to get the purchase confirmation messages with the license activation instructions in them.

  3. Dear,
    I have download and install the latest version. The selection “Help” > “License Activation and Installation” is not available

  4. Hello Andre,

    Is the menu item missing or it is disabled (grayed out)?

    If it is missing, please, download and install the latest version of SCARM.

    If it is disabled (grayed out), please, go to “Tools” > “Settings” > “Portable” and press the button “Clear local settings”. Then restart SCARM and try the activation again.

  5. Hello Cestari,

    Your account is not yet activated.

    The account system sent you automated e-mail yesterday and I also sent you an e-mail today, but as you continue to publish in the topics in my blog, it seems that your e-mail provider or your e-mail client blocks messages from my server

    If you want to purchase SCARM license, please, allow my messages to pass your spam filters.

  6. I haven’t received any kind of email for registration confirmation.

    Could you post where the email is coming from? So I can call my provider and see if it’s on their black-list?

  7. how do i change my email address in my account?

  8. my issue is that my original email address that is on my account will be discontinued soon. i will be using a new email address. so, what do i have to do ?

  9. Hi, I thought I was a registered user( paid) for 1.1 but if so I cannot find any numbers or documentation. Can you look and let me know?
    Thank you very much.
    PS: I do enjoy using the program very much.

  10. Hello Roger,

    I checked, but there is no user with your e-mail, registered in the database. If you have another e-mails, you can try to login with them or to perform a password reset, if you forgot your password.

  11. I have the same problem as all others. Account activation message not received, All potential blocking points checked … not blocked on my side.

  12. Good afternoon
    I am trying to install SCARM on my laptop; it will be the second installation in my house, using the email address above. However, the system says it does not know my user ID so I can’t reset the password, either.

  13. Hi there! I have bought the licensed software version of SCARM 1.20, received the confirmation email and activated through my user account. All went smoothly but whenever I try to plan a larger layout track design I keep getting a message saying the maximum number of tracks or objects in the freeware version is reached and if more are needed I have to buy the licensed version. I have done this and despite following the online advice about overcoming this issue, nothing I have tried works. Can you please advise.

    Thanks, Stephen

  14. Hi again Milen – Stephen here again. It’s okay – I have now resolved the above issue I emailed you about. My fault, not yours.

    Thanks, Stephen

  15. I cannot get the license key to work! I have followed all the rules and suggestions but all I get when I download it is a text screen. I did this yesterday and it worked but with computer issues I had to reinstall my system. I am using linux and Wine. I even bought a new license yesterday which worked but I don’t want to buy another one!! Help!! I need to print in 1:1 scale.

  16. Hello Mark,
    Installing the license under Linux/Wine requires a different approach. You need to activate and download your license file and then to save it on the HDD. Then, start SCARM and use “File” > “Open” menu command in order to open the license file directly in the program. Note that you will need to change the filter setting in Open dialog to “All files (*.*)” otherwise you may not be able to see the license file. After opening of the license file, confirm the installation of the license and then restart SCARM. Note also that the correct work of the program is not guaranteed under Linux/Wine.

  17. I used to have my SCARM running on a laptop PC and that is where the paid license for SCARM & Train Sim Power Edition was originally used for. I now will be using a desktop PC. What is the steps I need to transfer my license in order to work on my desktop PC and stop working on my laptop?

  18. Hello Mark,

    Start SCARM on the old PC and use “Help” > “Uninstall license(s)” menu command in order to uninstall and unlock your license on the server. Then start SCARM on the new PC and use “Help” > “License Activation and Installation” menu command in order to re-activate, download and install the license on the new PC.

    Note: This feature is available in version 1.3.0 and higher, so you may need first to update your SCARM on the old PC.

  19. Am unable to log in, have changed password, still left out.
    Anyway, my question was: “How can I download and save and use some of the other new objects seen in scarm fb and blog?”
    I have taught myself hhow to add features from accessories and not able to find other libraries. Thanks
    Bob Burns

  20. Hello Bob,
    I checked the account, associated with your e-mail and found successful login yesterday. If you still have troubles, please, write by mail to and describe the steps that you take and the error messages that you get.
    About the objects in the blog – most articles with examples have project files for downloading that can be found in the links section in the end of each article. Download these files and open them on your PC and you should be able to copy and paste the objects in them int your own SCARM track plan.

  21. Hi
    Would you be able to check to see if an activation email has been sent to the above email address. Set up a new account some time ago but am yet to receive anything through. I have checked my spam email folder and nothing there.
    Many thanks

  22. Hello Martin,
    Yes, the activation e-mail was sent properly. If you are unable to receive it, try registering with Google, Yahoo or Outlook account as these are proved to be working without problems.

  23. Looked everywhere for my activation code after registering. Cannot find it anywhere in my inboxes, junk etc. Would love to buy the program but can activate my account for purchase.

  24. Hello Roger,
    If you are unable to receive the activation code on your current e-mail account, please, try registering with Google, Yahoo or Outlook account as these are proved to be working without problems.

  25. I have attempted to login using my original password, got an error. Went the route of reset, created a new password, verified the password, got an error. Maybe I screwed up, so asked for another reset, did it, created yet another password, got an error. So what is it, because I am following the directions?

  26. Hello Robert,
    Perhaps, some error happens while entering the password, especially if there are some special symbols, i.e. activated with Shift key. Please, try to reset your password again and use only digits (0-9) for the new password. If that works, you will be able to login and then change your password to some more secure string.

  27. I was happy to see the change in 1.5 where specific track can be hidden in a track library and a button to unhide as well. I have a suggestion that the button be made a toggle so that the not-needed hidden track can be unhidden and then re-hidden. This would be useful if you have hidden a substantial amount of track and then realize a particular track is needed for a one-time use. It would mean a user wouldn’t have to re-hide all the un-needed track again one-by-one.

  28. Have first try a registration to make a purchase and I have not received the activation message in my email. Have waited about an hour and still no email. Please advise.
    Karin Anne Johnson

  29. I have checked my client email and there are NO filters which might reject an email from I have also checked with my email ISP server and there also are NO filters there too. I have also added a safe sender entry to the email server at the ISP.
    I just tried resetting my password. No email has been received. Also I did get a response from your web page where the account is created and it told me that my email address is already in your system and being recognized. Just no emails to complete the registration process. I do not have any other email accounts that I can use and I refuse to juse Gmail or Hotmail.

  30. Hello:
    I have finally received the reset password email from your company. Actually I received all four of them at about 8:30 PM local east coast time last evening. Then I was finally able to log in to my account. I tried to make the purchase and was told that my credit card purchase was declined. I contacted my bank and they initially flagged the purchase as bogus. But I did APPROVE the purchase with my bank and they told me that the purchase would go through. I know these things take some time filter through the internet system. Would you please confirm the purchase on your end so that I don’t make a double purchase have to ask for a refund????? Regards, Karin

  31. Hello Karin,
    Up to now, there is no any transaction pending in my system, so you will probably need to try make the purchase again. In case of double purchase, I will refund the money for the second transaction. Just write to with the reference number of the second transaction and ask for refund.

  32. Thank you,
    I just got off the telephone with my bank and they confirmed that the first transaction did not go through. And I did verify there was no double billing. They approved the transaction ability and I just was on your webshop site to provide the payment. It went through all OK this time. I have successfully download the license key and installed it. Thank you for your patience with me. Happy Holidays to you.
    Regards, Karin

  33. Just purchased the program. Trying to activate, got your instructions. Start Scarm use help button. By start Scarm I assume you mean go on line and pull up Scarm which I did, go to help button-license activation & instillation. Pulled up Scarm got the page but no help button. Loged into my account page but again no menu let alone help button. Can you please tell me where the help button can be found? Thanks Rex

  34. Hello Rex,
    By “start SCARM” I mean double click on SCARM icon on your desktop and run the program. After program opens, select “Help” > “License Activation and Installation” menu as shown below:

    That will open a browser window where you will be able to login into your account and to activate, download and install your license.

  35. Hello, I forgot the original registered name. Now I have changed my computer address. I can’t find my key. I can’t find the original login name and key in my email. Can you help me find the original login name or my key? Thank you

  36. Hello Bobo,
    In order to help you, I will need to know either your purchase Ref No or your payment transaction ID in order to search and find one of these in my system. Send me that information to and I will try to help you.

  37. I have been using 1.6.0 without any problem, but on installing 1.7.0 it reverted to the demo version and won’t allow me to save amendments to previously created plans.

  38. I no longer have the original PC that my license was initially purchased for. Using my new PC, I downloaded the latest version 1.7 SCARM software, my license key and MTS-PE files. Opened SCARM and did the update license process. If I try to save one of my large files I had done a couple years ago, gives me the “problem with License Key message” when saving. I assume it’s my license is tied to my old PC. Is there a way to transfer my license so that I can now only use it on my current/new PC?

  39. Hello Mark,
    In order to transfer the license to a new PC, you must first uninstall your license key on the old PC by starting SCARM and using “Help” > “Uninstall license(s)” menu command. That will unlock the key on the licensing server and will prepare the license for re-activation and installation on the new PC.
    In case that you haven’t access to the old PC, please, write to and I will help you.

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