Resolving User Account Registration, Activation and Login Issues

If you have problems with the registration and activation your SCARM user account, read the possible causes and solutions below. If there is no answer for your problem or if you cannot reach us by e-mail, post a comment below and we will reply as soon as possible.

1. I am not receiving the activation e-mail
2. The activation link does not work or is expired
3. I cannot login – there is always error saying “Wrong e-mail and/or password”

1. I am not receiving the activation e-mail

In most of the cases, the SCARM system’s automated reply with your activation link is blocked by a spam filter either in your e-mail client or by your e-mail server/provider. So, if you don’t receive the message within 10-15 minutes, please, check also your spam or junk mailbox folders. If you find the activation message there, click on the activation link inside.

Check also the spam settings in your e-mail client and on the server/provider – you need to whitelist messages coming in order to allow correct receiving of the e-mails, sent by SCARM server. After that, you can try to pass the activation procedure again, by resetting your password from the link “Forgotten password” on the login page (see below).

You should also check that you entered correctly your e-mail address in the registration form. Try to login and if you see an error “Wrong e-mail and/or password” then you probably entered your address with some mistake in it during the registration. Try again, ensuring that you are entering the correct password and if the error remains, proceed with new registration.

It is very important the activation e-mail to be received as this shows that you are accepting system’s generated messages and then you will also be able to receive the purchase confirmation e-mails and other important messages.

If you still don’t receive the messages from the SCARM account system, try registering with another e-mail address, provided by another e-mail server. So if you are using an e-mail address in i.e. Hotmail and it does not work, try to register with e-mail in i.e. Yahoo or Gmail.

2. The activation link does not work or is expired

Please, perform password reset as explained in the next topic. Successful password reset will also activate your pending SCARM account (see below).

3. I cannot login – there is always error saying “Wrong e-mail and/or password”

Check that you are entering correctly your e-mail address and password. Sometimes, if you were registered on another device (i.e. smartphone), the keyboard layout there may be different and the password will then differ too. To solve that, try to reset your password.

In order to reset your password, click on the link “Forgotten password” in the login page of SCARM Accounts System. Then enter your e-mail in the form and press the reset button. That will generate new e-mail message with password reset link in it. Use it for change your password and get access to your account.

If the above advices does not help you to resolve your problem, write a message in the comments area below and we will reply as soon as possible.

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10 thoughts on “Resolving User Account Registration, Activation and Login Issues

  1. Tried every option for getting an account activation e-mail, but it seems they are being blocked before reaching my ISP’s mail server. You will need to resolve that issue if you are going to make any sales!

  2. Hello Dave,

    I already have more than 1100 registered users and the activation e-mails are sent correctly from my side. Unfortunately, if the messages to you are blocked outside of my network, I am unable to help you. I can manually activate an account, but you will still not be able to get the purchase confirmation messages with the license activation instructions in them.

  3. Dear,
    I have download and install the latest version. The selection “Help” > “License Activation and Installation” is not available

  4. Hello Andre,

    Is the menu item missing or it is disabled (grayed out)?

    If it is missing, please, download and install the latest version of SCARM.

    If it is disabled (grayed out), please, go to “Tools” > “Settings” > “Portable” and press the button “Clear local settings”. Then restart SCARM and try the activation again.

  5. Hello Cestari,

    Your account is not yet activated.

    The account system sent you automated e-mail yesterday and I also sent you an e-mail today, but as you continue to publish in the topics in my blog, it seems that your e-mail provider or your e-mail client blocks messages from my server

    If you want to purchase SCARM license, please, allow my messages to pass your spam filters.

  6. I haven’t received any kind of email for registration confirmation.

    Could you post where the email is coming from? So I can call my provider and see if it’s on their black-list?

  7. how do i change my email address in my account?

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