The Project Files Does Not Opening

If you try to open a SCARM project file and it does not load (the cursor stays as hour-glass or rotating circle), this may be due to invalid (not for that PC), corrupted or incomplete registered license key file.

To fix the problem, do one of the following according to your version of SCARM.

A. SCARM Licensed Version

Try to login into your account in the SCARM Registered Users Area and then download and reinstall the license file.

If you have single license, installed on more than one PC, the program will work only on the PC where the license key was initially activated and will not be able to open files on the other PCs.
If you have more than one license, ensure that you are downloading the correct one for that PC.

If that does not help, SCARM probably cannot verify the registration info on the server and cannot complete the license registration. This may be due to a missing internet connection or because SCARM is blocked by a firewall. Open the “Extensions” menu and if you see there “SCARM License Key (inaccessible)” that means a missing connection to the server. Please, check your internet connection and then your firewall settings and allow SCARM to connect to Internet. If you cannot solve that in the firewall menus and settings, temporarily turn off the firewall and then restart SCARM. This check is required only once after the license installation in order to complete the registration procedure.

B. SCARM Freeware Version

You should first uninstall SCARM. Go to “Control Panel” > “Programs and Features”, locate SCARM in the list of installed programs and then uninstall it. Now download SCARM from and install it again. Start SCARM and now it should be able to open the project files.

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4 thoughts on “The Project Files Does Not Opening

  1. I had to re-install the whole computer completely. I can not activate SCARM now. I have paid a license.

  2. I put a new hdisk in my computer and downloaded scarm this morning and cannot open any of my project files. License is activated. Computer name may be different.
    Hard disk is new & larger.

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