A Full-Featured N-scale Layout Build With Kato Unitrack Tracks

This is a nice, almost finished layout in N-scale, initially designed in SCARM and realized by Didier Watson. The track plan consists of two lines in two independent ovals, build with Kato N Unitrack system and represents a city with small but complete transportation system that has true trams (Kato Unitram tracks) and buses (Tomix Moving Bus system).

The initial track plan and the 3D view are shown below together with short explanation, pictures and 10-minute movie of the layout operation.

  • Dimensions: 2122mm x 1222mm (84″ x 48″)
  • Epoch/Era: V, VI / Modern
  • Trackwork: Kato N-scale Unitrack and Unitram
  • SCARM project file: yes (get it from the links below)

The initial SCARM track plan is expanded with more and different modern buildings, with roads for the buses and double tram track for the trams in the city center and with many other scenery items to form a complete layout.

The whole layout (1)

The whole layout (2)

The tram track in the city center

The bus route around the car cinema

Here is what Didier says about the layout:

This layout is mostly finished. I have one building left I want to add and still have lots of people to add to it. Have some issues where I had sized up some things wrong and have some open spaces that need to be fixed. But all in all I am pretty happy with my first layout.

And finally, a 10-minute video showing the layout operation:

Thank you, Didier, for showing us your SCARM track plan and the real N-scale layout that you build :)

Featured layout
SCARM-Kato-Unitrack-Buildings.zip (23,5 KB unzipped SCARM file)

See also
Lithonion1 channel on YouTube

7 thoughts on “A Full-Featured N-scale Layout Build With Kato Unitrack Tracks

  1. Hi, Just what I was looking for. Since retiring I have spent sometime planing a layout, finally used SCARM to plan and then to build a couple of trial HO/OO Hornby, Peco layouts.
    Still not quite right, found N Gauge KATO Unitrack, been looking for design software, found SCARM recent “Full-Featured N-scale Layout” downloaded .zip file opened file found full plan,can use this for my plan by deleting and or copying track pieces from the plan, but no real Track Library file for KATO “N” Gauge track, HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THE KATO FILE? regards Graeme

  2. Hello Graeme,

    Look for “Kato-N-UT” item in the libraries list and select it in order to see the Kato N-scale tracks in the selection panel. It may be in the “Kato” sub-menu or “N (1/160)” sub-menu in the list.

    To open the libraries list in SCARM, right click over the name of currently selected library (located on top of the track selection panel) and the menu will appear.

  3. Hi Milen,

    Brilliant worked like a dream, merrily updating my layout as we speak, KATO N Gauge track order sent for stage 1, Double Oval with cross overs and two stations.

    Knew I would find the best compromise in the end, and thank you for your continued support for us newbies no matter what age, or how simple the question and answers seem to others.

    What an amazing and easy to use the SCARM track layout system is, the underling code to error trap us normal persons miss keying and abusing is well above what we expect these days and is simply incredible

    Designing the track etc on something this forgiving gives as much pleasure as building the actual track at the end, thank you.


    Graeme Joy

  4. Hey!

    I feel in love with this track plan. Only problem is, I have no idea what to do when it comes to wiring it. Do you have any diagrams, suggestions, etc? That is is the only thing preventing me from building this right now! I am a diabled/retired USAF vet that has ridden the rails througout the US and Canada (as well as Europe) for over 50 yrs, and finally able to build a layout. ANY help you can give me about not only the wiring, but the layout platform as well would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Anthony

  5. Hello Anthony,

    Unfortunately, I cannot help you with this track plan as it is not designed by me. However, you can open the video in YouTube and contact the author in his YouTube channel, if he is still active there. Or you can join some of the model railroad online forums and ask for help and advices there.

  6. Oh, OK — I will try that that. I already priced out the track and it is affordable to me. I was ready to build an atlas plan (that included all the wiring instructions etc) but this one suits my purposes totallly. Thanks for the info. Did you build this layout as well?

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