American Flyer Layout with Various Virtual Structures in S-scale

This is presentation of one nice project in S scale (1/64), designed in SCARM by Scott MacKenzie.

The track plan is in rectangular shape and has single main line in oval, two reverse loops, one terminus station, one yard and several industries. The structures are created with the figures in SCARM and are representing real American Flyer accessories.

  • Dimensions: 4665mm x 1225mm (184″ x 48″)
  • Epoch/Era: III, IV / Transitional, Modern
  • Trackwork: American Flyer S
  • SCARM project file: yes (download it from the links below)

See the gallery with the pictures from the layout, including the track plan and several snapshots from the 3D viewer.

Thank you, Scott, for sharing your S-scale layout project with all other users of SCARM :)

Featured project
American_Flyer_S-scale_4x15_V11_1.scarm (63 KB)

6 thoughts on “American Flyer Layout with Various Virtual Structures in S-scale

  1. You say you used the American Flyer S Track, how did you get the track to connect? I am unable to to even make a simple figure 8 and get the ends to meet. Here you have a 90 degree crossing and all of the pieces connect. Also I like the flyer accessories it really helps with the planning.

  2. The American Flyer track geometry is not precise and most of the joins are tricky. In the above layout, Scott was used several snipped-off tracks in order to make them fit – if you look close, you will see several scissors symbols next to the track labels of the cut-off tracks. About the figure 8, it is possible in the software, but requires manual adjusting of the curved tracks in order to obtain all joins between them.

  3. Thanks! I will have to figure out manual adjustments on curves as I am trying to come up with a new layout and I use old Flyer track.

  4. I worked really hard to get the pieces to fit. Most of the adjustments were on the length of straight pieces.

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