KATO N-scale Layout Design with Viaducts

Here I will present one nice layout, designed in SCARM and sent recently to me by Oleg Krasnov.

The plan is composed mostly of double straight and curved sections in two levels, with superelevated curves which allows running of modern trains at higher speeds.

  • Dimensions: 1720mm x 1270mm (68″ x 50″)
  • Epoch/Era: V-VI / Modern
  • Trackwork: KATO N Unitrack
  • SCARM project file: yes (see the links below)

There are 3 independent double routes – 2 for trains and one tram track. Here are shown the 2D snapshot and 3D rendering of the SCARM design:

And here are shown several pictures taken by Oleg of the layout assembled with the real tracks:

If you want to play with the Oleg’s layout on your own PC, download the project file from the links below. Thank you, Oleg, for sharing your SCARM design with other model train fans :)

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9 thoughts on “KATO N-scale Layout Design with Viaducts

  1. Where did the Tram and and stations sections come from in KATO N-scale Layout Design with Viaducts. I checked for updtates and through the libraries but I don’t see them in my version for SCRAM. 9.28 beta?

  2. How did you identify the different sections of the layout with color on the plan?

  3. If you want to color the tracks, select them first, then use “Track Color” button to apply the desired color. That button is located next to the “Tunnel” button and before “Toolbox” button in the toolbar below the main menu.

  4. Is it possible to download this trackplan, “pirate” the Unitram tracks to add to my own library to use them in a different design?

  5. In general yes, it is possible to copy these custom tracks and use in your own project, however, there is no direct way they to be added in a custom library for now.

    I will work to make some additional required features for the tram tracks to work correctly in all cases and then such libraries will be added to the main installation package of SCARM.

  6. I’m interested in using an edited version of KATO N-scale Layout Design with Viaducts. I’m new to the hobby so I’m only willing to use “off-the-shelf” Kato tracks, no custom tracks that you’ve indicated this layout uses. In the left column of the SCARM program (where I choose the individual tracks), how do I determine which are standard tracks and which are custom tracks?

  7. Hello Gary,
    The Tracks selection panel of SCARM contains only standard tracks. The “custom” tracks in this layout are actually custom-designed by the user in an outdated version of SCARM. These are the tracks of the tram route in the layout and their part numbers in the Parts list are as follows:
    Part number – Note
    20‑000 – PlateC
    20‑010cut – PlateC
    20‑020cut – PlateC
    20‑023cut – Double plated straight track 82mm
    20‑171‑1321 – Double Crossover for Tram
    20‑172‑174 – Double Curved track R=183-150mm tram plated
    20‑174 – Plated curved tram 150/45
    20‑240 – PlateC
    20‑241 – PlateC

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