Large N-scale Layout Designed in SCARM

This is a presentation of one large N-scale around-the-walls layout designed in SCARM by Dheerendra Prasad – the webmaster of website.

The track plan features large yard with passenger, freight and caboose branches together with a turntable and big roundhouse around it (in the top), passenger train station, scenic area with industries, forest and river (in the middle) and also a small town with two more stations and small yard (in the bottom).

  • Dimensions: approx. 5400mm x 5600mm (212″ x 220″)
  • Epoch/Era: III, IV, V / Transitional, Modern
  • Trackwork: Kato N Unitrack
  • SCARM project file: n/a

The upper and middle parts in the project are taken from Southern Pine Railroad Layout and the bottom part of the plan is taken from the version of Nathan’s Pass SCARM layout, both slightly redesigned and combined in the current layout. See the whole track plan and the pictures taken during the layout construction process in the gallery below.

More pictures and detailed info about this nice model railroad project can be seen on website.

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4 thoughts on “Large N-scale Layout Designed in SCARM

  1. Milen, thanks for this post – I just saw it, this is my layout as I set out to make it. I have modified it and in fact, added a helix and a second level. Still working on the Scarm design and then will share. It will feature a steel mill with Hulett Loaders and Blast furnaces as well as more trackage. This and more on my website

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