The N-scale Layout of Tony Relos

This is a presentation of a nice project in N scale (1/160), designed in SCARM and build by Tony Relos.

The track plan is in rectangular shape and has double main line, passing along two stations and trough several tunnel, bridges and branches. The layout is already build and represents the modern era with electric motive power.

  • Dimensions: 3585mm x 2365mm (141″ x 93″)
  • Epoch/Era: V / Modern
  • Trackwork: Roco N
  • SCARM project file: yes (see the links below)

The images of the 2D track plan, 2D design and the 3D overview, generated by SCARM are shown below (click over them to enlarge).

SCARM track plan – tracks only

SCARM track plan – full details

SCARM 3D layout – overview

And here is the gallery with the pictures from the real layout.

Thank you, Tony, for showing us these nice pictures from your real N-scale layout :)

Featured project
MaquetaCircuitoBasico_19-08-2014a.scarm (track plan only, 490 KB)
MaquetaCircuitoBasico-Con (detailed layout, 442 KB ZIP)

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