The Squirrel Creek Layout in HO

This is a presentation of the Squirrel Creek layout in HO (1/87), designed and build by Warren Gamracy. The project was already presented in Layouts & Track Plans database, but here it will be shown with new pictures and a movie clip, taken by Warren a couple of weeks ago.

The track plan features one long continuous route, with many tunnels, bridges and several branches. The whole layout was build by Warren for 14 months and represents the steam era around 1880′s.

  • Dimensions: 4750mm x 4270mm (187″ x 168″)
  • Epoch/Era: I, II / Steam
  • Trackwork: Atlas HO
  • SCARM project file: yes (see the links below)

The images of the initial 2D design and the 3D overview, generated in SCARM are shown below.

2D SCARM track plan

3D SCARM layout overview

Below you can see the animated overview of the whole layout.

Squirrel Creek animated overview

Watch the movie clip, taken from a small camera, placed on platform car, which passes through the whole route.

And here is the gallery with a few more new pictures from the completed layout.

Thank you, Warren, for showing us these nice pictures and video from your layout :)

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9 thoughts on “The Squirrel Creek Layout in HO

  1. Hi,

    What a fantastic layout would there be any chance of getting elevations at various points around the layout.



  2. Hi Milen

    I’m a complete newbie to model railroading and would firstly like to thank you for your efforts in producing, updating and supporting SCARM. I’m on a huge learning curve but am pleased to say that I have found SCARM to be a fantastic and easy to use tool for planning my first layout and beyond but I do need a little advice.

    I do not have a lot of space so am working on a layout similar to “John’s Layout Room in N Scale” (the featured layout in the SCARM Layouts and track plans) which will go round the walls of my study, although I am working in HO and would like to have two levels. My concept is to have a Helix below where John has is turntable and taking the track down to about desk height to where he has his computer desk where I will have extra track layout. Hope that makes sense.

    So my question (to which I think I already know the answer) is can I have two baseboards with one above the other so I can see the full layout in one 3d image. From my search I don’t think it’s possible and I think I will need to create the layout in two separate files but thought I would ask the question.

    Thanks again for your great work.

    Best Regards

  3. Hello Kevin,

    There is no way to have more than one baseboard in SCARM for now, but may be there is a workaround for your problem. You can make the main workbench using the baseboard in SCARM and then make the secondary table using the figures, like the desk in the John’s layout. You can also make a hole in the baseboard where the tracks will go under it to the secondary table – see how here:

  4. Hi Milen

    Thanks for that, I’ll give it a go.


  5. Hello,
    were is the project file so I can import this into the Scarm software and make changes to what I want, it is a good start for me for my size room but I would like to add to it and make it my own layout.

  6. HI,

    I love the design of the many layouts offered. I am having trouble using Scarm so would like to use one of the shown layouts with a few modifications. Is it possible to copy the plan in the layout section and then load it into the Scarm program.
    I have never used a computer aided design program before so is all new to me.

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