The U-shaped Basement Layout of T. J. Marquard

This is a presentation of the O-gauge layout designed by T. J. Marquard in SCARM and build into his home basement.

The track plan features one continuous route, two yards, two reverse loops and a bridge. See the pictures of the plan and the real layout below.

  • Dimensions: 3425mm x 3565mm (135″ x 140″)
  • Epoch/Era: V / Modern
  • Trackwork: Lionel O
  • SCARM project file: n/a

The SCARM track plan

The real layout

Here is what T. J. says about the layout:

“It took me a long time to build a layout that I enjoyed. I don’t care much for building scenery, so I was focusing my efforts on allowing the largest number of trains to be stored and run at one time.”

“I spent many hours in SCARM trying to work out a track plan that would allow me to run two trains at once, let me park all of the trains at once, and be fun to work on. It even has a little work bench attached so I can keep the transformers out of the way of the trains.”

More info and O-scale train pictures can be found in the link below.

See also
tjmarquard.comthe blog of T.J.

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