US Urban Layout (N scale)

The first layout, which will be presented in the blog is US Urban Layout in N scale 1:160.

It is designed as 8-shaped single main line with a train station and allows running of both passenger and freight trains.

Layout Scheme (click to enlarge)

The scene consists of main street with T-shaped crossing and several buildings around it, cargo branch, tunnels and bridges and two level crossings. The size is 2550mm x 585mm (100″ x 23″) and the era may represent the time from 80′s up to now. The blue plane on the back side of the layout (upper side in the plan) is provided for wallpaper images of a city in the distance. All the tracks are from Atlas N scale (Code 80) library, while all other scenery and urban items are custom build using SCARM figures’ interface.

See the gallery for more details and download the SCARM layout file from the links below.

Featured layout
US Urban Layout in N-scale

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