Baseboard With Rounded Corners

Sometimes it is needed the baseboard/workbench to be shaped with rounded corners. Here I will show you how to make this in SCARM.

Lets start with the sample layout, shown below. Click over the images to see them larger.

The baseboard is with rectangular shape, but suppose that it is needed the bottom right corner to be shaped around the curved track. To do that, the baseboard shape needs to be edited. To start with editing, select the baseboard by click with the left mouse button over the blue line – it will turn red and control points in the corners will appear.

First, a two new control points needs to be added in the areas where the track curve begins/ends. These places are shown with arrows below.

To add a new control point to the baseboard, right click over its line in the place where you want to add the new point and select “Insert New point” from the context menu. The baseboard should be selected (red colored), otherwise you will not see the command in the menu. Here is the plan with the two new control points.

Now lets move the bottom right corner of the baseboard shape close to the curved track. To do that, select the control point at the corner with the mouse, then click over it with left button and hold it down while dragging the corner with the mouse and release the button when ready. The plan now should look like this:

The shape of the baseboard is now crossing the tracks. Lets add two more control points on each side of the corner.

Be careful not to add a new control points over the tracks and also not to move existing control points over the railway route as then you will not be able to select these points and manipulate them anymore.
If you accidentally place or move a control point over a track, use Undo function to restore the previous state.

Now select and move these control points away from the corner but close to the track. You can also move the other points in order to precise adjust the look of the baseboard in that place. All this will give a good rounded shape of the corner – just what we wanted.

You can add more and more control points to the baseboard in order to represent smooth rounded corners and shapes of any kind.

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4 thoughts on “Baseboard With Rounded Corners

  1. Good morning
    I’m a Korean.
    And good use of scarm software.
    Is an excellent program.

    If possible, the next time update
    If it includes Korean version.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Hello WooSeong,

    In order to have SCARM in Korean, somebody that speaks Korean language natively must translate it first by use of “Tools” > “Translation Wizard” menu command and then to send the langdata translation file to me.

  3. Yes. You can use the same approach and round all corners of a square baseboard to represent circle. For better shaping, you can use Circle figure and shape the baseboard around the circle.

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