Exporting Layout in PDF Format

In order to export the layout plan in PDF format, you will need additional third party PDF converting software to be installed in your computer. This is because SCARM currently does not support native PDF export.

There are many PDF creation suites on the market, with different features and extras, including some freeware packages. One of them is PrimoPDF , which is lightweight and handy, but most important – it is freeware. PrimoPDF will be installed as a virtual printer and everything that is needed to do in SCARM in order to make PDF export is just to print your layout to PrimoPDF printer. Here is a guide how to do this:

1. Download and install PrimoPDF (or any other PDF converter, which works as virtual printer driver) if you do not have one.
2. Open the SCARM layout, which you want to export in PDF format and adjust it for printing as you wish (i.e. by setting track drawing mode, zooming, etc).
3. Select “File” > “Print…” command – the Print dialog box will appear.
4. Select “PrimoPDF” (or the name of your PDF converter) from the drop-down list.
5. Press “OK” button – the PDF converter dialog will appear, asking for filename of the PDF file.
6. Save the generated PDF file and view the result.

That’s all. If you wish, you can select “Properties…” button in Print dialog box and adjust various options of PDF converter as paper size (by default it is Letter or A4 sized sheet), resolution, quality and so on. PrimoPDF has the ability to set most of its options from the main dialog, where you can enter PDF document properties and security, purpose of the file (for web, screen, print), default path for generated files and more. Depending of selected settings, PDF files can be much more precise of their BMP or JPG equivalents.

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6 thoughts on “Exporting Layout in PDF Format

  1. Can I get a full size of my 6′ 2″ X 15′ layout using this application? Office Max can print out large size PDF’s using there printer. I am not sure but it is what they use for banner and some of them are big. This comes with a big $$ amount also.

  2. Are you, or would you consider making this a drag and drop program instead of having to select, then move a track piece? Otherwise, this has worked out to be the best design software I have used. Kato “N” scale & Lionel “O” scale.

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