Exporting Track Plan in DXF Format

SCARM does not support native export to DXF format, but with one intermediate conversion, the track plan can be converted to any vector graphic file format.

In order to export the track plan in DXF format, you will need first to export it in EMF file format. To do that, open your project and then use “File” > “Export…” menu command. In the Export dialog box, select “Enhanced Metafile” format in the field “Save as type” and then press Save button. That will export your project in EMF file format.

Now you can convert the EMF file to any other vector format, including DXF format. You can do that by direct import of the EMF file in your vector graphics editor (i.e. CorelDraw) or using free online conversion service like CloudConvert.com where you can upload the EMF file and then convert it to DXF file.

True DXF export is not planned for now, but may appear in some of the next versions of SCARM.

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