Placing Direction Arrows On The Track Plan

If you need to add direction markers in your track plan, you can easily do that with the Figures in SCARM.


Start, with creating of simple arrow by use of Polygon figure alone, or with combination with Rectangle figure.

Before you begin, take a look on How to work with figures FAQ topic in the documentation, if you are not familiar with them.

Below I am showing 3 different arrows along a single straight track in HO scale.

The body of each arrow is created by a Rectangle while the head (the arrow itself) is created from Polygon. Then each pair is aligned, grouped and colored in a different color for this example.


You can download these sample arrows from the project file in the bottom links and use them directly (or modified) on your own track plans.

• Use Copy/Paste for fast adding of more arrows on the drawing plot. Then right-click over pasted copies and use “Move” command from the context menu to displace them were needed.

• To change the direction, use “Edit” > “Flip” > “Horizontal” / “Vertical” or “Objects” > “Rotate” menu commands.

• To change the color, select the arrow and then use “Edit” > “Properties” to open the Properties window where you will be able to select the desired color.

• To see the arrows also in the 3D Viewer, you may need to adjust the “Vertical position” and must add some “Height” in the Properties.

Note that you cannot set “Height” for a grouped figures, so the sample arrows needs to be un-grouped first. If the “Height” is leaved to 0 (zero), the figures will just not appear in 3D.

Sample arrows

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