QuickTip: Correct Understanding of Track Lengths Shown by SCARM

If you wonder why SCARM displays incorrect (longer) track length for selected complex tracks like turnouts or crossings, that is because SCARM calculates all paths in the selection together (i.e. both legs in the turnout).

That’s why, a sample turnout #6114 from Tillig-TT-Std (BTTB) library shown below has a length of 114 mm (~4.5″), but “Length of Selected Section” feature in Tools menu will display it as 226.3 mm (~8.9″), because the curved leg path is also calculated and added to the overall length.

When you want to check the actual length of a given spur, ensure that there are no complex tracks in the selection or temporary replace them with simple straights, curves or flexes in order to obtain the correct path length.

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