QuickTip: Fixing SCARM with Missing Window on Startup

If you start SCARM and then the program’s window does not appear when the splash screen goes off, the most common reason for that is undersized main window, displayed as a small box.

To check if that is your case, look for a small box with SCARM icon on the top left corner of the screen. It should look like the example below:

When you see it, drag its bottom-right corner with the mouse to expand it or just click over Maximize button to restore the SCARM window on the desktop.

There are some known issues when SCARM is used in multi-monitor PC systems. If you have more than one monitor and don’t see SCARM on the current monitor, check also the other monitors where it may be shown.

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14 thoughts on “QuickTip: Fixing SCARM with Missing Window on Startup

  1. Hi, I am currently experience the issue where no main program window is displaying once the splash screen disappears. The program use to work and I’m not sure if it’s related to me updating my .net framework or visual C++ studio. I am currently running windows 7 professional and I have uninstalled the program and cleared the browser cache, restarted, downloaded current version, run as administrator on the exe package and still have same issue.

    Would appreciate assistance with this issue as this program is amazing and would hate not to be able to use it anymore.

    Thanks. Nathan.

  2. Hi Milen,
    Thanks for your response. I resolved the problem. I was using scarm in a dual monitor setup and one of the monitors broke. Would you believe that scarm was loaded on that screen at the time and somehow the memory retained the minimised window on the second monitor even through windows has only a primary monitor detected! As soon as I hooked up a completely different monitor there it was the minimised scarm window.
    Thanks for your help and great program.

  3. After launching SCARM,1.2 the program window does not apprear, only the SCARM icon is shown at the bottom of the screen. Appreciate some help to resolve this issue.

  4. When I open up the program nothing shows on the screen, if I put the mouse over the icon in the task bar a small black square box comes up just above the icon. It says SCARM and has an X in the right top corner.

  5. Have same problems as mentioned above. When starting the program the splash screen shown and then only an icon in the task bar. When trying to open window from task bar, noting shows on screen.
    I am using a Windows 10 laptop with Full HD screen (1024 x 1920). Normally I use two screens, but no change when only using laptop screen.
    At one occasion, I believe i saw a quick flash of a SCARM window opening with malformed text which immediately was closed (within a 10′s of a second)

  6. Well, the problem is not the multi-monitor. Starting SCARM having the additional monitor unplugged and only using the laptop monitor (also full HD resolution) gives the same result; no SCARM window appears anywhere, except on the taskbar, from where it can not be opened.

  7. Hello Mats,

    Because of the known issue and lack of support for multi-monitor systems, SCARM does not know that the second monitor is unplugged and tries to show its main window there as it was closed there for the last time. That’s why you cannot see the main window on the laptop. Plug the second monitor, start SCARM, move the program’s main window back to the laptop and the problem should be solved.

  8. Tried to explain twice now; There is no SCARM window opening anywhere, not on main _or_ second monitor if using two. Not on laptop monitor if the second external monitor is removed either.
    I only get a closed SCARM window in taskbar that is not possuble to open anywhere in both cases.

  9. Windows 10, 2 monitor setup. After upgrading to 1.7.1 whenever I opened SCARM I got the splash screen and then a window which was completely off screen and couldn’t be moved on screen. Tried a number of things which didn’t work. Then tried going in to Display Settings (right click on desktop) and rearranged my displays. The two displays were now “back-to-front” i.e. move mouse pointer off right edge of right monitor and pointer appeared on left edge of left monitor. But the SCARM window also appeared. Resized it. Then went in to Display Settings and swapped the displays back and the SCARM window remained visible. So this looks like another possible work-around for those rare occasions when the SCARM window is off screen.

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