Adding Wiring Diagrams to SCARM Track Plans

Currently, SCARM does not contain dedicated tools for drawing and editing of wiring diagrams, but despite of that, all kind of electric and electronic schematics can be represented on the plan with the help of the figures.

See below one sample schematic drawn in SCARM that contains various symbols of some frequently used electric and electronic components:

All wires are drawn with long tiny rectangles. All elements are drawn with rectangles, polygons and circles that are aligned and then grouped together.

If you are not familiar with the Figures interface in SCARM, take a look on How to work with figures topic in the program’s documentation.

Here is shown one simple track plan with power wires and turnout control block:

Note that all shapes for the wires have Height property set to 0 (zero), so the schematics will not be visible in the 3D Viewer. But if you want to see the physical wires, you can set Vertical Position and Height properties and they will appear also in 3D mode.

Note also that for now, it is much more convenient to print your track plan and to add the wiring on the printout using colored pencils. Once the wiring is completed, you can then represent it also in SCARM, using dedicated layer for all wires, operating wheels and control boxes.

The project files with the sample schematics can be downloaded from the links below.

Sample projects
Layout with table and wiring.scarm

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4 thoughts on “Adding Wiring Diagrams to SCARM Track Plans

  1. Hello Milen

    Thank you for your reply about the transition curves, I think the other one I tried to send did not work. I will have a go making them with several radii for now as I am hoping to be running by November. Thank you for your marvellous customer service, much better than some commercial software companies!
    Good luck with the Transition Curves as they appeared to be very complicated when I read about them.

    Thank you for your marvellous software.

  2. Hi Milen,
    I have found solutions for all my novice problems except for the curved road level crossings and I have sucessfully made a layour scheme.
    As I am a novice I wonder where I could get information on how to wire the systyem.
    I have taken pphotos of my finished layout and would be happy to show it off as I have learned how to rewoprk a number of the 3D images I found on your web site layouts and hints.
    How can I send you my layout and images.
    Best Regards

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