Detailed 3D Models of US Diesel Locomotives in SCARM

Here I will show the first precise and very detailed virtual 3D models of rolling stock in SCARM – three types of US EMD diesel locomotives, created by Ian Donohoe, who studied the object’s interface of the SCARM 3D engine without any documentation and then used it to make these nice loco models. See the pictures and download the Ian’s EMD Locos library from the links below to use the locos in your own SCARM layouts.

These models are very accurate, as they are prepared from blueprints with precise dimensions of all parts. Moreover, as they are created with the object’s interface of the program, they are scale-independent and can be used in any gauge.




And here are two examples of the locos shown all together in different scales.

Setup and use

To use the locos library, download the ZIP file from the links below, then unzip it and copy the .lib file into Lib folder of SCARM where all other track libraries are located.

Depending of your Windows version, default installation folder for SCARM may be “C:\Program Files\SCARM” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\SCARM”.

Now run SCARM and search for “Ian’s Locos” in the Objects sub-menu of libraries list menu. To place a loco on the tracks, click on its button and then move it to the appropriate track. Use “Objects” > “Rotate…” menu command to rotate the loco if the track is not horizontal on the screen. The height of each locomotive will be automatically set to be on the rails for the normal tracks. If you want to place some locomotive on a bridge, use “Objects” > “Properties…” menu command to set the vertical height of the loco object according to the track’s height of the bridge.

Placing of more than 4-5 locos on the layout may seriously slow down the program due to performance issues in SCARM v.0.9.27 when working with complex objects. That will be fixed in the next release of the program.

Thank you, Ian, for sharing your precise virtual SCARM loco models with all other model train fans and SCARM users. We are looking forward for more nice models like these locos from you :)

Featured locos library (19 KB)

13 thoughts on “Detailed 3D Models of US Diesel Locomotives in SCARM

  1. Ian, these are great! Thanks for taking on the designs of these engines as they really help enhance the 3D layout views. Looking forward to your continued projects!

  2. Thank you Ian for the great locomotives. They really enhance the 3D layouts. I have been working on S Gauge buildings from American Flyer prototypes. You have definitely inspired me. Kirk

  3. I cant open the file,
    when I try it goes into photo gallery,says cannot open file,
    how do I open it,really like the designs!

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