Examples of Rolling Stock in SCARM (HO-scale)

In the beginning of the year, I presented several examples of N-scale rolling stock, created in SCARM by Sarge. Now, all these figures were converted to HO-scale by Joe Walsh. He send the project files to me, so original N-scaled locos and coaches are now available also in HO scale to be placed and used in your virtual SCARM layouts.

See the images and download SCARM files from the links below. Thank you, Joe :)

And the passenger trains:

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3 thoughts on “Examples of Rolling Stock in SCARM (HO-scale)

  1. Could you explain how to install the rolling stock ( HO-scale-rolling-stock.scarm ) into the scarm track program. I have downloaded the file into C:/program File/Scarm/Lib folder but it only opens in a new window. I cannot figure out how to put the cars on my track layout plan,
    Thank you

  2. Hello Jim,

    These files here are not a libraries. They are regular SCARM project files. Open your own SCARM project and then open some of the rolling stock files in separate window. Now select and copy the needed loco or coach from the rolling stock project and paste it in your own SCARM layout. Zoom out to see the pasted object on the screen and then move it, rotate it and set the vertical position (if needed) in order to place it on the desired line on your track plan.

  3. Thanks Milen for your quick response.
    I tried copy and paste but was in the ” Rolling Stock ” SCARM program that opened, and it did not work. Opening the file in my track layout of the SCARM program did work.

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