Examples of UK Passenger And Freight Coaches in OO-scale

This article is dedicated to the British passenger and freight coaches, created with the figures in SCARM by Paul Durrant. The virtual models are in OO-scale (1:76) and in different colors. Passenger coaches are all of type MK-1, while freight wagons are from different types, empty or loaded.

See the gallery with the models and download the SCARM project files from the links below in order to use the virtual rolling stock in your own track plans.

Thank you, Paul, for sharing your virtual models with all other model train fans and SCARM users :)

SCARM project files

6 thoughts on “Examples of UK Passenger And Freight Coaches in OO-scale

  1. I model British Outline in “N” scale on Peco setrack.
    Is there a reasonably simple way of converting your rolling stock from “00″ scale to “N” scale?, as my rolling stock contains some of the items you have modelled in “00″.

  2. Hello Terry,

    Unfortunately, there is no way for now some object, created with the figures to be re-scaled in SCARM. However, this is not so hard task and I plan to add such feature in the near future, together with the ability of storing and easily sharing of the user-defined object libraries in the program.

  3. Hi Milen.
    I think SCARM is a great programme and I’m having fun designing a very large and complicated layout. I downloaded the BR Rolling Stock file but it only contains coaches, no freight wagons at all. Is this correct? Perhaps I misread the page as I thought the freight stock was also included?

  4. Hello DB,

    There are two .scarm files in the archive – “BR Rollingstock – Coaches.scarm” and “BR Rollingstock – Wagons.scarm”. The freight cars are in the second file.

  5. Thanks Milen.
    The second file must have been a bit slow downloading. Wasn’t there at first but the next time I booted up, there it was. Got them all now, thanks, — but another little glitch seems to have arisen.
    Every time I paste a coach or wagon into my layout, it ALWAYS appears in the same place (on top of a platform !!). Doesn’t matter if I place a new start point, in a clear area or on a track, or if I click on an area, the wagon still appears in the same (wrong) place, What am I doing wrong and how can I specify where the wagon should appear? (Also wondering if I am going to have the same problem with buildings and other objects?)

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