HO-Scale Grain Elevator

This example shows a virtual model of grain elevator with 6 silos in HO scale (1:87), created with the figures in SCARM and sent to me by Marty Kell. You can download the SCARM project file from the links below and use that object in your HO track plans.

See the gallery below and click on the images to see the building in more details.

Marty says: “I built an HO Scale Grain Elevator (because, surprisingly I could not one in all the resources you have available). And due to the amount of time it took, I thought I would share it out with everyone. By the way, THANKS A BUNCH for the awesome software!”

You can open the project file, copy the grain elevator structure and then move and rotate it to the desired position on your track plan (in another already started instance of SCARM). The grain silos can be used also in OO scale as well, because of the slight scale factor difference.

Thank you, Marty, for sharing your virtual SCARM building with all other model train fans and SCARM users :)

Featured structure
GrainElevator.scarm (21 KB)

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