How to Create Scenic Ridge in SCARM Layout

This quick tutorial will show you how to create a nice scenic ridge for your layout in SCARM and to see how it will looks in the reality, by use of the 3D viewer.

For the purpose of the tutorial, I will use a simple oval track plan:

To make a simple scenic ridge in the middle, I will create a long and narrow rectangle by use of the Figures in SCARM.

Before you begin, take a look on How to work with figures FAQ topic in the documentation, if you are not familiar with them.

I will set the height in the Properties window to be 400mm (15.75″), but you can use any height that will suit your needs:

To finish the scene, I will place a tunnels over the two short straight tracks that are crossed by the ridge:

Instead of rectangle, you may use polygon and design a scenic ridge with one or more corners:

When using rectangles, you can see the dimensions in the status bar when a rectangle figure is selected. For polygons, you will need to measure each panel by use of the Measuring tape (in “Tools” menu).

A few examples of layouts, with scenic ridges can be seen below:

Jim’s Layout Project in N Scale

Bluewater & Grandview Railroad Layout in N Scale

Nathan’s Pass Railroad Layout in N Scale

More plans and layouts like these can be found in SCARM Model Railroad Layouts & Track Plans database.

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2 thoughts on “How to Create Scenic Ridge in SCARM Layout

  1. Nice idea, to use the figures for creating scenic ridges, Is it possible to incorporate a picture, too, so as to further improve the background effect?

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