N-scale Buildings and Facilities Bundle

Here I will present four nice N scale (1:160) objects, created with the figures in SCARM and sent to me by Robert a.k.a Fenrus30 some time ago. You can download the SCARM project file, containing all these items from the links below, open it on your computer, select and copy desired object and then paste it directly in your SCARM track plan.

You can rotate and fit the objects to the desired position on the track plan. See the gallery below and click on the 3D images to see the buildings in more details.

Thank you, Robert, for sharing your virtual SCARM buildings and facilities with all other model train fans and SCARM users :)

Featured objects
Building_bundle.zip (23 KB)

6 thoughts on “N-scale Buildings and Facilities Bundle

  1. glad to see others are interested in detailing their layouts also.

  2. When adding a roof to a new building, I am unable to figure out how to make it fit on the dimensions of the building. I click the roof icon, and it sticks out over the ends of my building, instead of flush with it. I can’t find anything telling me how to make the correction. Thanks for any and all help.

    J Dentner

  3. By default, SCARM is making roofs with eaves that are going outside of the base rectangle. If you want a roof with edge equal to the edge of the base rectangle, make a second, narrower rectangle inside the first one and then add a roof for the second rectangle. It may need several attempts and adjustments of the second rectangle before satisfying result.

  4. Milen,
    I have tried several time to download the N scale building bundle with no success. I can see it in my file and it asks me if I want to save it or open the file. When I either choose save or choose open, my computer goes crazy trying to open multiple windows. I chose to open it with IE nad it tried to save it to Office word, but said it couldn’t because it had trouble with the contents.
    Would you advise me on downloading this file. I particularly would like to have the coal mine. It would save me a lot of trouble drawing it.
    Thank you very much.


  5. Hello Tom,

    I just checked the file and it downloads correctly.

    As I remember, there was a problem with the browser in your system that prevented correct installation of the license key. That problem may also affect the downloads of other files or particular file types. There may be a file types mismatch about which program to open particular files – the file here is ZIP and should be opened with dedicated Unzip-er, not by Word. Unfortunately, I cannot help you there – these issues should be solved locally on your PC.

  6. Milen,

    Thank you for the reply. You are correct; I did have trouble with the key, but I finally got it. I’ll keep working on the structure file download until I get it.

    I really should get a new computer. $$$$$

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