Platform Cars Loaded with Military Vehicles in HO

Here are presented two HO-scale (1/87) platform cars, created with the figures in SCARM and sent to me by Howard McLay. They are loaded with one heavy tank and two mobile rocket launchers and are intended to be used in military trains. You can download the SCARM project file with these items from the links below and use them in your own track plans.

You can rotate and fit the cars on the desired track in the layout. Use “Edit” > “Properties” menu command if you need to change the Vertical position if the tracks are elevated. You can also copy and paste the military vehicles and make a whole military base full of them. See the gallery below and click on the images to watch the cars and load in more details.

Thank you, Howard, for sharing your virtual SCARM railcars and military vehicles with all other model train fans and SCARM users :)

Featured railcars
Military_Railcars_HO.scarm (366 KB)

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